Activate Our WordPress RSS With Feedburner

How to set up your RSS icon in wordpress blog with feedburner.

Having your RSS feed optimized can drive traffics to your site. Some people think RSS feed does not work in wordpress.

That’s absolutely wrong. This video will guides you through how to add or set up RSS feed feedburner to our wordpress blog using a plugin to redirect your rss icon or your entries rss to feedburner.

To do this, you will need google mail account and FD-Feedburner plugin for wordpress. (Update: Due to reducing plugin usage, I don’t use this plugin anymore, for more information why, you can read this “redirecting feed without any plugins” article).

If you wonder what feeds are, it’s a data format that can be received via email, iphones, feeds reader. Nowadays lots of people read websites’s content using feeds. If your blog’s RSS is optimized, it will be an advantage to generate free traffic. I have also wrote an article  here.

With this blog, almost 40% of my visitors are from feedburner. At the end, you will discover:

1. How to find the RSS feed link in your website or blog.
2. How to set up RSS feed in feedburner.
3. Publicize or setting up email form in your blog or website.

A few tips:

  • Many people have problem with their feed link in feed validator.  The error will possibly look like this: "wordpress feed xml invlaid token guid", if it happens to you, it may be caused by buggy plugins. Try to disable plugins, and find out which one is not compatible. If it still doesn’t work, switch back to default theme to check what can cause the error.
  • If you want to display only summary of the posts in feed, do not forget to check Admin/Settings/reading then check “summary” after “For each article in a feed, show “
  • To customize your email form, you might want to check my “related post” under this video.

I hope this video going to help guys.

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