Activate Our WordPress RSS With Feedburner

How to set up your RSS icon in wordpress blog with feedburner.

Having your RSS feed optimized can drive traffics to your site. Some people think RSS feed does not work in wordpress.

That’s absolutely wrong. This video will guides you through how to add or set up RSS feed feedburner to our wordpress blog using a plugin to redirect your rss icon or your entries rss to feedburner.

To do this, you will need google mail account and FD-Feedburner plugin for wordpress. (Update: Due to reducing plugin usage, I don’t use this plugin anymore, for more information why, you can read this “redirecting feed without any plugins” article).

If you wonder what feeds are, it’s a data format that can be received via email, iphones, feeds reader. Nowadays lots of people read websites’s content using feeds. If your blog’s RSS is optimized, it will be an advantage to generate free traffic. I have also wrote an article  here.

With this blog, almost 40% of my visitors are from feedburner. At the end, you will discover:

1. How to find the RSS feed link in your website or blog.
2. How to set up RSS feed in feedburner.
3. Publicize or setting up email form in your blog or website.

A few tips:

  • Many people have problem with their feed link in feed validator.  The error will possibly look like this: "wordpress feed xml invlaid token guid", if it happens to you, it may be caused by buggy plugins. Try to disable plugins, and find out which one is not compatible. If it still doesn’t work, switch back to default theme to check what can cause the error.
  • If you want to display only summary of the posts in feed, do not forget to check Admin/Settings/reading then check “summary” after “For each article in a feed, show “
  • To customize your email form, you might want to check my “related post” under this video.

I hope this video going to help guys.

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  1. Cindy says

    Wow – What a Great video. I have been having probs with my RSS feed on my blog and this fixed it perfectly…AND it was easy to understand. Thanks A LOT!!

  2. Abhi says

    thanks for the post, I also want to activate my feeds from feedburner but ending up with some problems, if you can help me in that then check my feed address on and see the error, i will be highly obliged if you help me in that.

  3. says

    You answered a question I had on yahoo answers about a problem with my RSS feed in which I have this statement below my rss feed ; RSS Error: XML error: not well-formed (invalid token) at line 105, column 47
    I burned my feed into feedburner and briefly worked but now I can’t find my feed. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks.

    • says

      Hey Joe,

      Thanks for coming, i have checked in feed validator site, and your site as well. I guess we should edit your post especially in this line: (please check the pic) Change it to :
      How to Make Money Online Without a Website
      If this doesn’t work, change your theme to default for a few minutes to see if it works.
      Let me know if it helps, greetings

  4. says

    Thanks for the response, Kimi. I am not sure where I put the lines you have shown. The article in the “please check the pic” link. The article is from feedburner feed I made. Maybe I should delete the article. I am not to smart on the technical stuff.

    • says

      Hey Joe,
      I would try to disable all the plugins first, and switch to default theme for a minute to see how it will work. Let me know what’s next

  5. says

    Hi Kimi, I disabled all the plugins and it worked. Seems the feedwordpress plugin is messing things up. I liked the plugin so I could add more content to my site. Should I delete it and try another? Thanks.

    • says

      Hey Joe,
      Cool, at least we know what caused it:) I have no experience about this plugin. I only have RSS plugin but not to display other’s RSS. May be this page will give you choices. Let me know!

    • says

      @rahul, I am glad you do :) RSS feed can bring you traffics, and plus you enable your users to stay connected easier via email, for example :)

      Thanks for commenting..

  6. Parkerchuks says

    Hi Kimi,
    i just noticed that all my feeds end up in spam folder, not the inbox folder. Pls what will i do to redirect my feeds to inbox.

    • says

      @Parkerchuks, Hey,

      Honestly, i don’t really understand what you meant. Did you mean, the email delivery from feedburner goes to your spam folder?

      If this is the case, it doesn’t mean that your feed email goes to your subscriber’s spam folder too.

      Have you got complaints from them?

  7. Lynda says

    Hi Kimi

    I’m glad I found your web page and video – very helpful and clear!

    I’ve done everything you suggested and a’m still trying to get my RSS feed to work.

    The feed subscription page looks okay when I access it on the feedburner website. But when I’m on my own webpage and click the RSS subscribe icon it doesn’t take me to the feedburner subscription. Instead it shows a lot of text from my posts.

    Any suggestions or help you can give me is much appreciated!

    Best wishes


    • says

      Hello Lynda,

      When you click the rss icon, it will redirect you to feedburner subscription page, and gives option for your readers what kind of subscription they want (feed demon, newsfire, etc -see image below) but no email option. If you check mine by clicking “subscribe” text above, i have this option.

      feedburner subscription options.
      This is because you have not activated “email subscription” option in feedburner website. In the video, it is about 6:08 you actually can select “publicize” tab and then “email subscription” in the left sidebar. Activate it, and copy and paste the widget code to your “text widget” for your sidebar.

      I have checked your website, you are currently using mailchimp widget, the feedburner email subscription box will look like mine in my sidebar under the date section.

      This will enable people to receive your post updates via feedburner. I actually subscribe to my own blog to test if it works :)

      I hope this helps, don’t be hesitated ask some questions if you have one, i will gladly help if i can.

      Thanks for your nice words, Lynda.

      Tips: If you like, you can show only summary in your feed, it prevents people scrapping your feed into their blogs (example, autoblogs). If they have your full posts, they will read the post in those blogs and not yours.

      With feed summary, you just show “short post/summary of your post” to your feed, this way, when an autoblog scraps your feed, there will be a link to the original post, which is yours.
      Here is the quick link to my post:

  8. Lynda says

    Hi Kimi

    Thanks so much for your quick response, I really appreciate it!

    At the very top right hand side of my page, above the search box, there is an RSS icon. When I click it doesn’t give me the feedburner subscribe page. Instead it gives lots of text from my website. If you have any suggestions to help me fix it that would be great. I think it’s my /feed page which doesn’t seem to be working properly and I don’t know how to fix it! I have tried lots of things today and nothing seems to work :)

    Thanks so much for your help Kimi.

    Best wishes


    • says


      When I clicked that RSS icon above your search box, it will redirect me to your feedburner, which is working well. So i guess you need to clean up your browser’s cache, and try again.

      Here is a video i have just made, when i clicked your RSS Icon.

      In the video, i clicked your RSS icon and it redirects me to your feedburner page. Is it not what you want?


  9. Lynda says

    Hi Kimi

    It’s working now – woo-hoo!

    Sending many thanks to you for all your help today :)

    Best regards


  10. says

    Hi Cindy,
    Sanjiv again. My RSS feedburner is functioning well now, but the posts in the RSS are seen in full length. They is no page break in the RSS feed as it is in my blog. Is it because these posts have been written before the Feedburner was installed? Your RSS does have page break.

  11. jorge says

    i have a problem with the incoming links it says this: !!!This dashboard widget queries Google Blog Search so that when another blog links to your site it will show up here. It has found no incoming links… yet. It’s okay — there is no rush!!!

    soo no link show up in the incoming link section,, please help me with this???


  12. says

    dear sir i am unable to burn feed and getting error again and again so pls check what is problem with my word press site and send me the solution soon