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S7 Android Tablet (WiFi, 900/2100 3G, 7-inch Screen)

Everybody is now talking about tablet Pcs, since there are huge range of brands come out to the market, together with their own designs and unique features.

Let’s mention some of few tablets that are already available on the market, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Asus EEE Slate, superpad 10.2 tablet pc, Archos 101, Coby Kyros,and of course, the iPad 2. Those are most wanted tablets in the last few months.

s7 android tablet
S7 Huawei Tablet.

The Korean electronic manufacturer has successfully released its Samsung Galaxy Tab, although the price is about $300 more expensive than this tablet PC, and now, the manufacturer from China, Huawei has introduced S7 Android Tablet (WiFi, 900/2100 3G, 7-inch Screen) tablet PC.

People might be skeptical before they buy this tablet, however this tablet works fine.

Let us start with S7 Android Tablet’s design..

S7 android tablet employs 7-inch touch screen display, with 800×400 px resolution, which can be use perfectly while you are surfing around the Internet.

The touch screen display itself is resistive, and not capacitive as iPhone has.

Though S7 Android Tablet screen is reported to be not too great, apart of being built as a resistive screen, the stylus can be helpful to adjust this device.

If you want to compare S7 Android Tablet with iPad or iPhone, it is just still far away from them.

I need to say, if you decide purchasing S7 Android Tablet, you might want to consider a screen protector to give more better screen protection.

S7 Android Tablet price, and specs

Price: $249.95

Specs and Features:

  1. Brand: Huawei
  2. Screen Display: 7.0″ with 800×480 pixels
  3. Auto rotate which is called accelerometer
  4. Operating System: Android 2.1 OS
  5. 2.0 megapixel Camera which can be found on the device’s front part.
  6. MicroSD slot for expanded memory up to 8GB storage.
  7. An intregated kickstand that helps if you watch long video or reading long document.
  8. QWERTY Keyboard.
  9. USB port and Bluetooth
  10. 3G capability
  11. GPS, MP3 player, MMS, Email, MPEG4 Video playback
  12. Internet browser feature

S7 Android Tablet customers reviews

Bad Reviews:

  1. The resistive touch screen, apart of the cheap looks, it is not too easy to adjust, and without stylus, it would be really awful.
  2. The short battery life, it is reported to be 4 or 5 hours.
  3. It does not come from a popular brand, this is why, it is hard to find accessories such as, a case.

Good Reviews:

  1. It uses Android which is known to be more stable
  2. Wi-Fi connectivity
  3. Big and growing android market
  4. Kickstand to place the device on a surface and view it from different angles.
  5. The front rear face camera, even though it is only 2MP
  6. Perfect screen size to be e-reader

s7 android tablet

The price is quite high for its limited features, if you can pay a step up price, Samsung Galaxy Tab or iPad, because they have more features and functionalities.

But if you would like to have a tablet which works great on receiving emails, writing emails, and using it as a e-reader as well as PDA, the S7 Android Tablet (WiFi, 900/2100 3G, 7-inch Screen) is a good purchase.

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