Samsung NP350U2B-A01 Review |Samsung NP350U2B-A01 12.5-Inch Notebook – Black

Samsung NP350U2B-A01 Review

This is not in depth review, but only my simple observation after 3 weeks carrying this Samsung NP350U2B-A01 laptop.

This Samsung 350U2B model is almost as thin as an Apple Macbook Air. (got it at $699)

This laptop weighs at 3lbs, things are well built and very light to carry around.

The 12″ screen is LED backlit widescreen at 1366×768 lines of resolution.

Samsung NP350U2B-A01

Samsung NP350U2B A01

The 12 inch screen is probably small for some people, especially for the elderly with limited vision, but the screen is really clear and bright, and the LED helps a lot.

The screen is a full resolution one, and with the HDMI input, you can hook up to another screen like any TV, and this helps me when I do business presentations.

Samsung NP350U2B-A01 Specs and Features

This machine is definitely not a toy, has the i5 Sandy Bridge processor and I have to say it runs like a rocket whenever I am doing multitasking tasks such as multi tabbed browsing, intensive Microsoft office work, running all at once, it runs excellent, and thinking about this machine’s size, I have to say, this machine is very fast.

In terms of gaming, I have played SC2 and it run amazingly fine on medium setting, but if you want to play for more than 4 hours, it will get a bit warm.

This Samsung NP350U2B-A01 laptop comes with 4GB of RAM and 500GB of hard drive, also includes Bluetooth version 3.0, HDMI and VGA for external display.

The built-in Bluetooth and HDMI were the factors that made me to pick this Samsung notebook over another 12 inch range laptops models.

The keyboard happens to be chicklet style keyboard and the keys are flat nicely spaced. Every keys are slightly smaller than a Macbook Air’s keys, amd since I have smaller hands, so typing is not a problem at all.

The trackpad is also very responsive, just the mouse button is one button, so when you want have a right click, you will have to press the right side, and a left click by pressing the left side.

I don’t really like it because it can be difficult at time, but that is basically my only complaint for this Samsung NP350U2B-A01 laptop.

The sound is quite good for a laptop, and in my experience, it’s in fact loud in max volume setting.

The mic and built-in 1.3MP HD webcam are perfectly fine. I have tried with Skype video chat, the video quality is not the best, but it does its job well.

The mic works fine too, I don’t even think to get an external mic or headset.

The great feature of this notebook is the amazing battery life. On powersaver this machine lasts 7-8 hours battery life. (depending on the running applications).
Samsung NP350U2B-A01

Samsung NP350U2B-A01 Review – Summary

Overall, this is the best ultra portable I have ever had.

Samsung NP350U2B-A01 is very easy and very light to carry around with me, super battery life, and basically I have the weight and size of a netbook, but having the capability of a real laptop.

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