Samsung PL120 14MP Dualview Black Digital Camera For SelfPics!

I recently bought this Samsung PL120 14MP dualview black digital camera and have used it for about 3 weeks. I just wanted a camera that I can carry around easily while on vacation, simple to use, and fast to point and shoot taking good pictures.

Now that I have this Samsung digital camera, I enjoy using it so much, because it simply can take good pictures also videos, but read my post further.

This black Samsung camera weighs only 3.9 Oz, really small, which is great because you can perfectly put into your pocket, but it’s also not that small which is difficult to hold.

It’s also not a “premium” priced camera, so you can keep it in your car all the time. (got it at $99).

Samsung PL120 14MP Dualview Black Specs and Features

For $99 price range, I am still amazed with all features that it offers, including the program mode which you can usually find in a more expensive camera.

samsung pl120

Samsung PL120

The “auto smart” setting works great, even in low light, for example I took my wife’s photo at night outside with my kids were in a restaurant’s parking lot, where I could clearly notice the lightnings and a few signs along with other subjects in the background.

This is one thing which I usually have an issue with lighting setting. There is also a “smile mode” feature, which it will take a photo of you automatically whenever you smile and staring at the front of this camera.

Now my favorite feature is the front screen or display of the camera which is really nice to have, and I really didn’t expect to have this feature in a 99 bucks pocket camera.

This front display is fantastic feature if you often need to take a picture of yourself even when you’re in a remote location like hiking, or climbing.

Samsung PL120 14MP Dualview Battery

A small issue which can be a small con to a few people is this camera does not really include a manual that explains all of its features or how-tos guide.

If you are confused with the included modes (as my wife was at the beginning), you can simply set your camera mode to “Smart Auto” and this default mode will work fine.

My previous pocket digital camera required batteries often but this Samsung PL120 14MP dualview black digital camera came with an AC-USB adapter (a rechargeable battery) instead of AA or AAA.

This is because if you need a really small camera, the device needs a really small battery too, this results in a rechargeable battery.

samsung pl120

You can also use the same cord to connect your camera to your PC to download some firmware, upload your photos or for the various background and effects features which are included on this device.

Once your camera is connected to your PC for the first time, you will be asked if it is ok to install the camera built-in software to transfer your pictures.

In case, you don’t want to install the software, you will still be able to transfer the photos by copying and pasting your files because it’s also recognized as a harddrive.

The software seems to be compatible to Windows 7 or older Windows Operating system, tested with my Windows 7 based home desktop and my Acer aspire laptop which still uses Vista. Both have no issues getting the device to be recognized by my system.

No doubt, there are tons of point & shoot digital cameras on the market, and they definitely have almost similar features and quality of pictures, however, the only one way to decide is to see the features a product offers, what do you want to use the product for, and how does the product feel while you’re holding it.

The Samsung PL120 14MP dualview black digital camera model comes in many colors, like black, red or silver, but I found the black one is more attractive. In the box, you will get the dual-view camera, a bag, a lens cleaner, memory card & memory card reader, and a mini-tripod.


Overall, I’m very happy with this small unit, I bought it especially for its dual-screen feature to focus on selfpics, and its all accessories in one package, Samsung PL120 14MP dualview camera is absolutely worth the 99 bucks!

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