ScanDisk SDXC Review | 64GB Memory Card, Ultra Secure Digital High Capacity, 15MB/Sec Speed

ScanDisk SDXC Review – Overview

If you are into photography alot, you will definitely need a memory card one day. For many people, buying a memory card can be very easy task, if they do really know what they really need.

However, when you first do some researches on them, either online or offline, you will be confused because of so many alternatives with their different specifications, and of course price. You can find the cheapest card for $5.00 until the fastest with big storage space for up to $500.00.

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Seeing the high prices are depending the manufacturer and the card itself. Some are made to make profitable sales only, some are really having the better technology.

Before you purchase a card it is very important to check on the product details and specifications, including the customers review if there are any. In general, you would pay more for the card with fast transfer rate, and the bigger storage capacity. (my other post: 1tb portable hard drive)

scandisk sdxc

The truth is, the transfer rates are actually depending on your camera compatibility.

Let’s say, you see a card that states it has file transfer rate of 10 MB/s, but your camera is only compatible with 4 MB/s data transfer. So buying this card would not makes any sense.

In so many cases, including myself, we spend more bucks on a device which does not have any better functionalities than the products which have more reasonable prices. To get the right memory card, we should dig more information about the card itself.

This time, we are going to look at  ScanDisk SDXC 64GB Memory Card, has 64GB storage, and it is classified as a Class 4 memory card.

The ScanDisk SDXC 64GB Memory Card body dimension is not different than SD/HDC cards, which is 7x5x0.2 inches.

Due to the fact nowadays, that nearly all cameras are made with SXDC card compatibility, ScanDisk, the most well-known memory card manufacturer developed the better storage and the performance, the result, The ScanDisk SDXC 64GB Memory Card.

ScanDisk SDXC Review – price, specifications, and features

Price: $174.95 .


  1. Manufacturer: ScanDisk
  2. SDSDRH-064G-A11 product model
  3. 64GB storage memory capacity.
  4. Flash type memory card
  5. SDXC memory card
  6. Using PC platform


  1. It has double performance of other 32GB SDHC cards that are available out there.
  2. Very fast to record HD videos.
  3. Up to 15 MB/s transfer rate
  4. Lifetime limited warranty, see more here.
  5. Reported to work very well with Canon 550D/T2i DSLR camera.

Warning: Please check your device if it is SDXC compatible, before purchasing.

ScanDisk SDXC Bad and Good Reviews


  1. Not all devices are SDXC compatible, so make sure your product will work with this card.


  1. The price is great and reasonable.
  2. It has decent performance for 1080p videos recording at 330MB per minute rate.
  3. It has a huge storage space, which is 64GB
  4. It can work to capture about 8000 images or eight hours recording 1080p HD movies.


If your device or HD camera camcorder need a memory card which has a lightening fast performance, big storage space, and SDXC compatible, then this ScanDisk SDXC is worth to consider.

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