Schedule Posts in WordPress 3.1

I need to schedule posts sometimes

As far as I am blogging, I have noticed, that sometimes, I don’t have any moods to write some posts or make any video tutorials.

But when I am on the mood, I can make about five articles a day, and some video tutorials, I guess I am not the only one who encounter this.

Usually, when I create a post, and also optimise it, I happen to schedule posts for the next morning or any dates I want.

This can be useful too when I am on holidays or just away from my blog for a few days. I can then schedule posts in my blog to be published everyday or I can give any date intervals, so it will be posted depends on the date that I want them to appear in my blog as new posts.

In this post, we will not use any plugins, because this function is already featured by WordPress by default. Though I have seen alot of people recommend plugin for alot of things in wordpress, but sometimes, it is best to display some functionalities without plugins to speed up your blog’s loading speed.

What a nice feature of wordpress!

Schedule Posts and they will be published based on the date you set

Eventhough we can schedule posts, since we have some portable tablet or smartphones, nowadays, it will be very easy to blog all around the world without putting our posts in schedule.

It is just something you should know of wordpress features, schedule posts on your blog.

What I can suggest is, when you write an article and you are going to schedule posts, you should take care of the post optimization first.

There are times when I just write posts and I forgot to SEO optimize them, like title tags, h1 h2 in the posts, or even the keyword density.

Then when the posts are published, it really disappoints me, because I planned the post to be added in to my blog as same as another posts, SEO optimized.

So, learning from this situation, I guess very important, that you edit, re-read the post again, before you hit publish button, or in this case, “schedule” button before we log out from our blogs.

Schedule Posts Simple Tutorial in WordPress 3.1

Before we jump into schedule posts the tutorial, you should already wrote your post or posts that you want to publish automatically depending on the date you want to set.

Once you prepare, let’s s start it:

1. In your post box area, in the right side, you will find “publish” tab.

Under that tab, you will see Status, Visibility, and Publish immediately in bold.

2. Click “Edit” link next to the “Publish immediately” text, and you will see, you can edit the date and time. (see image below).

schedule posts

3. You can now then edit the month, the date, and even year, as well as the time.

4. Click the “OK” button when you are done, and you will see “Schedule” button, if you set the date to the future time.

We are done to schedule posts in our blogs.

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