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Secure Facebook Login? – Not different than on a blog

In shopping websites or even a membership blogs, the webmasters try to secure their sites with https (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure).

How to secure Facebook login page is not a new thing anymore, because it is also used in a lot of affiliate networks, and social network sites, and shopping websites as mentioned above.

For usual or normal blogs like most of wordpress blogs, the bloggers do not want to use https, as we do not really need it.

Though, it would be the best way to secure your admin page, using https is also one valid alternative or choice. (related: how to secure your blog).

By enabling https, you will somehow avoid Internet “sniffers” to track your important datas, in blogger’s case, it would be your login admin username, and password. (related: change admin username, and how to reset wordpress password)

Why we should Secure Facebook Login with Https://?

Although Facebook is quite safe, and I personally have never had any issues and problems with Facebook (FB), but it is so much better if you secure Facebook login page with the https.

Since doing it does not require more than five minutes time, it should be done by everyone who have FB accounts. (nowadays, who does not use Facebook)..

There is something that I do not really understand entirely, some people do not secure Facebook login page of their accounts, so I guess they do not know how to secure Facebook login page, or they do not know if they can now secure Facebook login in new FB site.

As same as other purpose of any website or e-commerce sites which have https enabled, when you login to your FB account, you need to enter or type some essential datas for your account.

Other than that, you will need to enter some financial datas if you want to do some specific things, for instance, FB ads, or using Credit card number to validate your account. (related: Facebook can’t create apps).

To protect those private informations of yours, FB provides ability for users to secure Facebook login page with https.

How to secure Facebook Login with Https://?

It is not hard at all, very simple infact.

So here are the steps:

1. Login to your FB account. Once you log in, you will see, “Account” tab in the top right bar, above your “Log out” link. (see this screenshot)

secure facebook login
"Account Settings" option.

2. Then in the pull down menu select, “Account Settings”.

3. After clicking that link, you will be in a page where you can change many options of your account settings.

Scroll down a bit, you will see “Account Security”, Control your browsing and login security text, and there will be a small link, called, “manage”. Click on manage link, you will see this option in screenshot:

secure facebook login

Tick on “Secure Browsing (https)” option. By ticking this option, you will be able to secure Facebook login page automatically, click “Save” button.

Although there are some options which you can choose, I find sending an email everytime a computer with the same IP login to your account is pretty annoying.

I have a dynamic IPs, so whenever I logged in and my IP is change, it will ask me whether I need to save the computers name or soforth, and it is annoying, can be twice until several times a day.

I really suggest you to play around with that security options, as you will be able to unselect them again if you don’t like it.

But the main thing is we know how to secure Facebook login page of our accounts.

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