Select All and Selected Text on iPhone

There will be first time for everything, wise man says.

Especially if you start to use an iPhone, you will be amazed from how many things it can do for you. (related: how to repeat song on iPhone)

Second, besides to be amazed, a new user of an iPhone definitely wants to write on his or her device.

For example on notes, sending text messages (SMS), email, or even writing something on Facebook, etc, the list will not end here.

Now, writing on iPhone isn’t a rocket science, people will soon enjoy the excitement of typing on a smooth touch screen.

However, when you can write, you will also want to select all or part of setences on iPhone.

It can be a bit tricky for a brand new user.

Here is how to select partly or select all on iPhone

To select all, it’s easier than selecting part of your document.

1. Focus on the words you want to select all or partly, and then touch this specific are for a couple seconds until you see a sort of magnifiying glass thingy and then release it. (you can also “double tap” to get alsmost similar functionality)

Screenshot of magnifying glass;

select all iphone

Press your finger on the screen until this "magnifying glass" pops up

Once you saw the magnifying glass on your screen, release it, then you will see three options pop up, Select (to select only a word), Select All (to select your entire document), and paste (to paste previusly copied doc to this area).

how to select text on iphone

The options: Select, Select All, Paste

To paste, you can light tap an empty are, and an option to “paste” will be there.

2. With those options pop up on your screen, you can select accordingly depending on your needs. (select “Select” or “Select All”, etc)

3. To select all is very easy, but to select a few words you want needs a little effort.

To select partly or just a few words you want, you can choose “Select”, and then you will see many options like, cut, copy, paste and Replace and two blue pins.
See screenshot below:

select selected text iphone

Move around the red highlighted pin to select words

3. Ignore these options (unless you need it) because we want to select a few words.

4. To select a few words, you can easily move the blue pins left or right accordingly until you have the words selection you want.

5. Once you have your words selections, release you finger and the options to copy and paste will show up automatically.

That’s how to select a few words and to use “Select All” on iPhone.

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