“Select Files To Upload Google Docs ” Bug

What to do or small solution if you want to upload a document to google docs, but the “select files to upload” button does not work.

This is my own experience of using Google docs.

I have tried to upload a document to Google docs, and it was working excellent. However today, i wanted to upload another word document, that i will use for this wordpress blog, and it didn’t work.

This is what happened. When i clicked the “select files to upload” button link, it did bring me nowhere, even it was a link. See image of the link.

This button doesn't work with Firefox.

The solution was, use another browser, in my case, i switched from firefox to Google Chrome, and it did work nicely. So i guess the problem was using Firefox.

If this happens to you, just use another browser but not Firefox. I hope this bug will be sorted shortly, because firefox is my most favourite browser.

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