SEO Firefox Addons – My Top 3 SEO Firefox tools

SEO Firefox Addons and Blogging

When you start to blog, you want to make your blog looks great and after you take care of everything in your blog, like installing plugins, uploading new theme, then finally you will want to learn how to make your blog popular by learning a bit of Search Engine Optimization.

The first step of learning it, is to install some SEO plugin for your internet browser, and in this post, I only discuss about Firefox, since this is my main browser.

My appreciation goes to the SEO Firefox addons developers, because I have noticed that those addons are made up-to-date with the latest Firefox version.

Everytime my firefox is updated, those SEO Firefox addons are also updated. And the rest which are not updated are automatically disabled.

I don’t actually use many SEO firefox addons, I only use three of them which is popular and very helpful.

Although in the beginning I have so many addons, I only choose those which are regularly updated to be compatible with the most recent of FF (Firefox).

My Top 3 SEO Firefox addons

1. SearchStatus addon

This FF tool is a really useful, because it will show you how a web page is doing with complete information of search related, and designed in a very simple toolbar.

I use it because it shows me a page’s Google pagerank, how a site popular according to Alexa, and you will have also the option to display compete ranking.(related: how to rank higher in Alexa)

I only display Google pr and alexa ranking. (related: Google pagerank mystery)

I have it in the bottom of my firefox browser, and if you like to try, you can download here.

2. SEO Quake extension.

This is one of my most favorite SEO firefox addon, since it is really displaying complete infos when you are typing or searching for a page in Search Engine Result Pages in real time.

Below is the screenshot if you use this SEO Quake addon in Google serp.

I really love it, because it is extremely simple to use, does not slow down my browser performance, and offer high quality SEO informations.

You can see some informations such as Yahoo backlinks, how many Google index a site has, Alexa ranking, keyword density percentage, and so much more.

You can download one of this cool SEO Firefox addon here.

seo firefox addons
One of the SEO addon example.

3. SEO for Firefox Extension

This addon is really great when you want to detect dofollow or nofollow links, without seeing the page source. (related: how to check dofollow nofollow blog).

After you enabled it, you will have an icon in the right bottom of the browser, you can also enable and disable it.

It will have a grey color if you disabled it. It features Google pagerank, Yahoo backlinks, .edu backlinks, .gov links, and so much more. (related: obtain .edu and .gov backlinks)

I am using it too. You can download here.

SEO Firefox Addons Conclusion

Surely, you can install more extensions for your browser to makes SEO related search so much faster than when you are not installing these tools.

All of the extensions on the list above are very user friendly, and the informations I get are mostly accurate.

What SEO Firefox addons do you use?

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  1. says

    Thanks for sharing these wonderful tools. I just added them on my firefox and they are working fine, am happy that i found your site

  2. says

    I am only Using SEOQuake and its really awesome.
    And for Finding NoFollow and dofollow i am using SEO For Chrome.
    You can use it. Its really awesome extension. Don’t know that it will work on Firefox or not.