SEO is Just Different From Time to Time

Disclaimer, I am not a SEO expert.

But I want to write this post, as I have been noticing some differences between SEO that I knew, especially before Google Panda, and SEO after Panda.

Why Google?

It’s simple, Google is the biggest and most used Search Engine at the moment, although some people expect to be different one day.

I have read somewhere, someone just said, forget Google, and optimize for Yahoo! or Bing. I personally think, we can’t forget Google, even if we don’t admit it.

Some web masters start to think that Google is now becoming advertising company, instead of a Search Engine. Oh well, in this point, I have no idea.

We all want to have Google, as the biggest Search Engine on the Internet, show relevant and good results on its Search Result Pages, and in some terms it works that way – which is really good.

For people especially bloggers which includes myself, it’s a bit confusing right now, about which SEO method we can follow, because old SEO method which used to work, doesn’t work anymore now.

Blogging for about 2,5 years, I have experienced many things that happened with this blog, and other blogs as well. I have tried to apply many SEO methods differently on each blog I own.

I guess I am not alone at this point, since Google Panda, we can only test things, and see which one is still working.

This is what I have done, building many blogs, one is just built, and I left it, only creating some contents a few times. Just call it site A.

seo panda

The other blog is built, and build back links on it with white hat until grey hat methods, this is site B.

The result after a few months, is different from time to time.

One period of time site A ranks higher than site B, and in other period of time, site B ranks higher than site A.

At this point, I had a thought, that Google doesn’t know what it has to do as well.

Seeing the Search Result Pages from time to time, there is always changes, ups and down.

And from my personal research, content doesn’t really matter, I saw many sites which have spun to death content ranks very high on Google, and checking the back links they have, they have high Page Rank text back links which are relevant to their contents.

So my question is now, spun content is OK, as long as it’s longer than 500 words, and build back links in relevant high PR websites, or buy them?

However, it may work for now or a few months, until Google updates its algo again, and change its SERPs again.

My personal conclusion?

To be save from any algo updates, create your content as you used to be, original, and write it as best as you can, and build back links to it. It’s only matter of time, Google will find which site is worth to rank higher than the others.

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  1. says

    Hi Kimi, long time not seeing you.
    I agree with you as there will be a lot of changes in SEO tactics in the next few months. Google will penalize over SEO websites and they will make the blogosphere more fair. :)

    • says

      Hi Tuan!

      Indeed, long time no see!

      I have been busy so much lately..yeah none knows the changes next, you are correct.

      Hope you are well, thanks for stopping by

      Best regards