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SEO Pdf Files to download and learn basic SEO

In the last few weeks, I am so exciting to post many SEO posts, one entry I have wrote is SEO Tips 2011 for your blog.

Yesterday, I have re-checked that blog post, I notice, I forgot something, which is a SEO pdf e-book that you can actually download without cost.

People often call Seach Engine Optimization as SEO for more practical word, and most of as know it anytime we hear or read about “SEO”.

I am quite new to Search Engine Optimization, about a year, and I am sure SEO has been used by worldwide webmaster or bloggers all around the world as a way to offer they product or information that people need through Search engines like Google, Yahoo, Ask, and Bing, as well as many others.

SEO Pdf – You probably will need it

Blogging online, or selling products and informations online nowadays, facing “competitions” issue, so it is very important for blogger newbies to know how basic SEO is. If you work and have a patient, you will be able to generate more traffic to your blog, and win over other competitors.

Since making money with blog is possible, and some make more than thousand dollars a month, this is of course a dream income for people to make extra income, or even if you are from Asian country or other developing countries, that $1000 a month can be a year salary for some.

Due to this fact, each day, new blogs or websites are born. They have same goals, blogging for pleasure or making money.

Considering you will have more competitors each day, if you do not know the basic SEO, then I am sure you will be left behind as failed websites. None can find your website if it is listed in the page 200 of Google.

Content of SEO Pdf

I have already read it, and this SEO Pdf is really great.

The most important, this SEO Pdf guide is coming from Google Search Engine, so it is definitely a trustworthy file, and worth to implement to your blog or your website.

seo pdf

Download direct from Google. (the link will immediately saving the pdf to your hard drive.)

The content is basically is not new if you are already familiar with Search Engine Optimization, but because of the readers of this blog is mostly newbie who starts to build their blogs, even some of them business websites, I recommend that you read this SEO Pdf file, and apply them.

This guide is not only for wordpress bloggers, but all website owners who want to power up their websites to get more ranking in Google.

Some of my posts that I found useful while you read this SEO Pdf guide:

  1. How to choose good blog titles or names
  2. How to change wordpress permalink
  3. Optimize wordpress images
  4. Build quality backlinks
  5. Seo tips 2011
  6. Increase keyword density or decrease them
  7. All in One SEO plugin configuration tutorial

Once you download this SEO Pdf  e-book, do not save it to your hard drive online, but really read them, and apply one by one.

I implement this SEO Pdf guide from Google, and using this paid SEO plugin (everything which is better costs unfortunately!) to get 3000 visitors aday.

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  1. says

    Kimi, you are truly fabulous! You always deliver such fantastic and helpful information. You often come up in the first page of Google when I’m looking for something WordPress or Thesis related. You know your SEO and you’re wonderful to share it with your readers!

    • says

      Hi Aileen| Kaizen Vision!

      Thank you! Yes, it does take me about one year to be regularly in the first page of Google in my niche

      Do follow blog commentings method has been working well, but the most important is that I did try to optimize my post first.

      I am glad you found it useful!

      Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment Aileen :-)