SEO tips 2011 — top 10 techniques

SEO tips 2011 — I want to share my own experience

I was so attached to a commenter which personally email me only to say, thank you for sharing SEO tips in this blog.

I was quite surprised because usually, my emails inbox will contains help request from my readers.

I was thinking that i actually have not shared much SEO tips in this blog last year, on 2010, (example post, how to increase your keyword density) because i had less experience than now. The older you will have a blog, the more SEO experience you applied and made mistakes from. This makes me writing this SEO tips 2011 post..

In this SEO tips 2011 article i want to write some few tips that i hope it can be helpful if you are seeking for SEO tips 2011 based on blogger’s experience.

I am doing this, because i know and you also know that every blogs gave different SEO tips 2011 and technique, they mostly share what it has worked for them, so i also will share what it has worked for me in this SEO tips 2011.

The best practise on SEO tips 2011 is, that you filter them, try and track which ways are the best for you.

SEO Tips 2011 — what not to do

When you have an online business websites, you want to generate more profitable sales from your website’s visitors, it’s very understandable.

However there are essential things that i personally won’t do as if i had a business website, can be law firm wordpress blog or real estate, or personal blogs, basically the same tips.

Things not to do, SEO tips 2011:

1. DO NOT ever ever use or hire SEO companies without doing some online researches or asking some people who ever hired this company.

I am telling you this, because there are tons of victims already, not only they lost huge amount of money (SEO companies are mostly expensive!) but they also get their websites banned by Google, since it is the biggest search engines on the web for now.

The story will be, you pay them for big amount of money to get your website rank very high in SERPs (SearchEngine Result Page-s). You will be happy with this result only a few weeks or month.

Their tricks is they bring your site rank high because of “blackhat” system that is not allowed by Google, it can be spam backlinks, or not naturally built.

seo tips 2011

If this happens, because you don’t know how they did SEO for your website (mostly with blackhat methods without your consent), your website will be banned, i guarantee it 100%.

Best way is do SEO yourself or hire “legit” well-known company.

2. When you have just set up a new blog, take a good care of how much backlinks you build. Because Google knows everything, if your blog is new and have too much backlinks, your blog has risk to be in “sandbox”.

SEO Tips 2011 — Top 10 techniques that i personally use

1. Quality content and Big patience.

In my previous post, which is Google pr update 2011  how i get back my pagerank from 0 to 4, it can be seen that i was happy and proud to write the post.

In this SEO tips 2011, i want you to remember that, search engines (in this case Google, what I am talking about) change their regulations and algorithms always, this means, my PR can drop next year, it is always up and down.

The point is, do not too focusing on PR, the quality content is much more important, PR will come alone.

2. Read and learn SEO tips 2011 from these SEO cool websites for free.

Most of these sites are in blog format, means they absolutely have SEO tips 2011.

3. Submit sitemap to Google webmaster tool.

This is because when your site is listed in Google webmaster tool, you can track your keywords how your site is mostly found in Google analytics, or in my case, i had a problem with ending slash in my URL because of w3 total cache, some unwanted errors like this, you would not notice without checking Google webmaster tool.

4. Read my post about how to increase organic traffic blog tips.

If you read that tips and apply this SEO tips 2011, it should work with time. I have done them all for this blog.

5. Choosing a good theme.

When you visit a website, what make you leave and what make you stay longer? this preference can help to improve yours to practice SEO tips 2011.

Listening honest feedback is also valuable for self-improvement.

6. Use search engines friendly URL.

One important of this SEO tips 2011 is optimising your post by using search engine friendly URL, example if you have a post, put your keywords in your URL.

Let’s say, your post will have this keyword phrase: dog training. Then you should put this keyword on your title and URL , like “Dog training tips you won’t ignore” something that really pick up Google users’s interest and attempting them to click. See my post how to change permalink wordpress.

7. Pay attention on meta tag description in each post you make, see more in this All In One seo pack tutorial (On page SEO tips 2011.).

All in One SEO fortunately has great features that notify you how many words meta descriptions will ideally be.

8. Do submit article to article directories as well as press release, this will increase backlinks.

9. When you create a post, and add image to your wordpress blog, name this image, like: yourkeyword.jpeg instead of untitled.jpg.

10. Take care of your loading speed. See my w3 total cache vs wp super cache video review.

Those are my top 10 SEO tips 2011, share yours!

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  1. Chung says

    Thanks for sharing your experience Kimi..will be trying out some of these tips..

    When you put up a blog post, do you also turn that blog post into an article and submit it to the directories?

    2. what would you say is the 80/20 rule…the 80/20 being what’s the 20% of …
    a- writing a blog post
    b- to getting traffic
    c- to getting quality backlinks

    ..that creates 80% of the results?

    • says


      1. As if i would have more time, i would turn my blog to an article and submit, but i hardly have time :(

      2. Hmm, to me, the 20% is usually writing a blog post.

  2. says

    I totally agree that hiring SEO companies can be a bad idea. I’ve noticed a lot of spammy comments from SEO companies in my comment threads. So if they are using these techniques to promote themselves, then what are they doing to promote their clients’ sites? It doesn’t bear thinking about!

    I think that if you have the time you should do your own SEO and marketing. Apart from it being safer, you can become a bit of an expert before too long. Then you can give others advice that you know is good; maybe even make some money in the process.

    • says

      Hi Matt!

      I agree 200%

      In one year blogging experience, i am learning by my mistakes, and the key is testing and checking.

      Still have to learn lots of things.

      Thank you for commenting!

  3. john says

    Your post is full of SEO inside btw. Many people says google rank you by 10% on-page seo and 90% off-page seo… They are completely wrong I think.Maybe I am just a lucky guy who pick low comp. keywords and rank them like crazy

    Your post is full of SEO like bold, italic,keywords and links… amazing tips btw.. I like your blog I found many good info really!!!

    btw I was redirect to this blog from AdsM network :) amazing company…

    with people like you helping others, who cant make money online?
    remember people: every business in this world must be on the internet. google owns the internet. seo owns google. if you own seo you will make some bucks:D

    ****thank you internet****

  4. says

    Hey again, thanks for the cool info :)

    I have a question, you said:

    “8. Do submit article to article directories as well as press release”

    There are a lot of article directories out there, what are the best to use?

  5. says

    Hi Kimi.
    I definately share your thoughts on this SEO issue. Checkl out my article here ( note I am not trying to spam – thought you might be interested in reading this:-) Search Engine providers like Google Bing and Yahoo are going to great lengths to ensure that they achieve the best “search experience” for the end user, let’s face it, it is in their interest to do so. So as you mention Blackhat methods may work for a while, until they change the algorithms and possibly get the site banned. One issue I have to find more about is the ideal number of tags one should use, I think I may be going overboard with tags and that posibly might be having a negative effect. What are your thoughts?