SEOPressor 5 New Features and My SEOPressor 5 Review

First, before we go to discuss about SEOPressor 5 new features and my personal review, I want to say that I haven’t used this plugin for so long, since I had problem with it a few years ago, click this old post of mine which has title, the best wordpress SEO Plugin.

I still have it activated in this blog, because once I have tried to deactivate it, my site lost ranking a lot in Google, so I let it activated, but I don’t use it for my future post, BUT THIS IS WITH the older version (version 4).

Now, that the version 5 is recently (finally) released, I tested with several sites, including this blog, and many other blogs.

After testing it for a few days, I can’t say, how is my site ranking improving (I created a new blog for this case study), since it needs time if you want to rank naturally.

The developer of SEOPressor has added many features that I think pretty cool in this “Google Panda” world.

Let’s see the SEOPressor 5 New Features in this review:

1. First is the appearance, and user interface.

In the older version, you have the keyword widget under your post, now you have it in the right area of your admin widget together with other new features.

older seopressor keyword box

Older Seopressor keyword was under the post text area

In fact, the user interface is completely different than the older version because the keyword input is now placed in the right area, and below the post text area, you will have “SEOPressor settings”, which reminds me of All in One SEO pack plugin (click here to see a plugin that also works with SEOPressor 5), because you can enter your post meta title tag, as well as the meta description tag here too. All of them are optional, if you choose other preferred plugins.

This is the comparison of my admin post text area with new SEOPressor 5 and older version.

old seopressor dashboard

The old interface, click for larger image

new seopressor 5 dashboard

This is the new SEOPressor 5 user interface in the dashboard.

new SEOPressor 5 settings

new SEOPressor 5 settings


Still in the SEOPressor Settings, you will have “Rich Snippets”. Read about rich snippets explanation in this google page to know more about it. Basically, if use Google, and you ever search a keyword, have you ever seen yellow stars in Google search result? That’s displayed because a page of a website has this rich snippet in their content. This could be very helpful if you are reviewing stuff. Apart of “Review” snippet, you will also have “Event”, “People”, “Product” and “Recipe”.

rich snippet

SEOPressor 5 new features, rich snippet

Next tab is the “Social SEO”, I find it very very cool, I actually wished to have this kind of all in one plugin for a long time, to have it integrated in my dashboard, without doing it manually, the new SEOPressor 5 will integrate your content with your Facebook and Twitter. You probably ever heard, social seo is very important these days, as Google see how good your content is, depending on social signal, not all, but part of it.

social seo

Social SEO feature

Next tab is “Dublin Core”, what is Dublin Core? if you also want to know, it basically will help Search engine to check what your content is about (not through the keywords). So, after your optimizing the keywords, you can also know help search engine to know your content better with Dublin Core.

dublin core

SEOPressor dublin core feature.

The last tab is “Add Tags” If you enable it you will add tags from either Yahoo! or from the net to your wordpress posts.

add tags seopressor 5 new features

add tags seopressor 5 new features

2. Rank more than one keyword in your content.

If you have used SEOPressor older version before, you must know that you were only able to add one keyword to anylize your on page optimization, now you can add up to 3 keywords by clicking the plus button next to your post area, or in the SEOPressor Score admin widget. It also featured the “Click to Refresth the analysis” new button which we didn’t have in the older version.

up to 3 keywords

You can now add another keywords

2. New “Suggestion” and “Content” Tabs.

three suggesstions

Three suggesstions, keyword decoration, url and content.

keyword decoration

keyword decoration

url suggestions

url suggestions

The “Suggestion” tab, it has “keyword Decoration”, “URL” and “Content” suggestion options in a drop down menu.

For the “keyword Decoration” like in the older version, it will remind you to add bold, italic, and underline in your content if you have this decoration enabled in the general settings of SEOPressor 5.

Additionally, the H1, H2, and H3 are also checked in this option.

Next is the “URL” suggestions. This will warn you if you don’t have internal linking pointing to your other post or page, and also external link to other reputable site, as well as if you have keywords in your post URL.

The last suggestion, is the “Content” suggestion. Here, things like, the length of your post, keyword in meta keywords, or description, image alt, paragraphs keywords, as well as LSI keyword and keyword density checks are located. At this point, SEOPressor 5 is more detailed (much more) compared with other older versions.

Another tab next to Suggestion is the “Content tab” which has “LSI” and “Videos” tabs.

lsi suggestion

LSI suggestion tab

video search

Video search option.

For LSI, you will have a lot of options if you have added Bing api in the settings. I find this one feature is the big plus of this new version.

The Videos tab, reminds me of WP-Robot feature (read it if you want coupon code of this plugin), that will fetch some youtube video recommendations which are related to your content. By clicking “Click to Search Related Videos”, you will be able to see many youtube videos that you can embed to your post, remember, adding videos are also important for Search engines to understand your content better.

One thing I realize, not all videos are related with my keyword, I tested, with “wordpress” keyword, videos related of photoshop, animations are suggested :-)

3. Next new feature, is the “Over Optimization Warning” check, if you are safe, means if your post is over optimized or not, because if it’s over optimized it may harm your site.

Also above the Over Optimization Warning tab, you will see tips to get 100% seopressor score tips.

There were all new features in the admin post area, however, it has also a lot of new features in the settings.

seopressor 5 review

SEOPressor 5 in the dashboard – SEOPressor 5 review

1. SEOPressor 5 settings, contains “Automatic Decorations” for your post titles, post slugs, keywords, images, and links.
Here you will also have tags, advanced, requirements and plugin update tabs.
2. SEOPressor 5 Post/pages scores, will show you the page or posts you have created optimized by this plugin.
3. SEOPressor 5 Internal Links, you can use this feature to add an internal link based on keywords.
4. External Cloaked, that lets you add your cloaked redirect urls if you have some, for example, if you don’t want people see the actual URL you want to point them to, you can use this feature.
5. Role Settings, this feature is very useful if you have many guest post authors because you can enable some role settings which can restrict some other users not to use or to use this plugin in your site.
6. Make Money and Supports settings are also still there for you to use if you have some problems, you can click on support button.

My SEOPressor 5 Review

In short here are my cons and pros:


  1. Still buggy if you have “Continue reading” link in your posts (read further or watch the video below where I address this issue)
  2. Working a little slow in the dashboard, I mean slow loading, but it’s acceptable since it has to fetch the LSI keywords from Bing, etc


  1. Detailed features, more features than older versions
  2. Social media integration
  3. Rich snippet integration, so no need additional plugin
  4. Over optimization warning check
  5. Ability to add LSI keywords right from your dashboard
  6. You can rank more than a keyword.

At this point, I will update this post, once I know more.

Now will I recommend this SEOPressor 5 to you?

Yes and No. Why no? Actually, I have a problem with this SEOPressor plugin in this blog as I mentioned in the first paragraph earlier. The problem itself is affecting this blog, because it has many continue reading thing.  (read more info about it here)

So, a few days, after SEOPressor 5 released, I tried it again with my fresh installed blog, and add “continue reading” link, then activate the plugin, result, the post is still there, but the <!–more–> line isn’t there, this is actually the “continue reading” link, it doesn’t work.

I have no idea why, so,  if you are having continue reading  posts or plan to use them in your posts in the future, I recommend you to wait until the plugin doesn’t have issue with it.

Yes, I recommend trying it if you have a new blog, or don’t use continue reading links, and want to try this plugin, you can try it first for a few days, and if you don’t like it, ask for refund.

Ask me if you have question about this SEOPressor 5 new features or anything related with this SEOPressor 5 review, just leave a comment below.

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