Set Up “Discussion Settings” WordPress

How to set up your wordpress discussion settings in a proper way that it will help you to avoid spamming in your blog.

Discussion setting is very essential setting in wordpress, because it helps to improve the conversation and discussion for your blog, but also avoiding spams if it is all set properly.

After i have posted in detail about Reading settings in wordpress, today is the next dashboard setting which is “discussion settings”.

Here is how i set it up, and of course you can modify differently according to your blog’s need:

1. In your dashboard, click “Settings” pull down menu, and select “Discussion”.

Settings and then Discussion button.

2. You will see “Discussion Settings” page.

3. “Default article settings”, I leave it as it is by default. But you can modify it to suit your need.

Default article settings options.

4. “Other comment settings”. I checked these options:

Other Comment Settings.

Comment author must fill out name and email = checked.

Enable threaded (nested) comments.

If your theme supports nested comments, you will find usually “reply” button under the comment message. If it doesn’t you can use wp thread comment plugin.

5.Email me whenever: I checked both. So i will always get an email from my blog if anyone comments or comments are held for moderation. It can be annoying but we can monitor comments activity via email.

6. Before a comment appears: I leave it by default. It enables people to comments in my blog once their comments are approved.

The other alternative is, you can select that the admin will always have to approve all comments, either this person is new commenter or older commenter.

Before a comment appears option.

7. Comment Moderation. This option basically enables you to hold any comments which contain specific links, IP, contents of the comments, URL or email. So whenever you type something in the box, this will hold this word comments in “waiting for approval”.

In this example, i used to be an email address that is always held for moderation. This is just an example email.

Comment moderation words, IP, email address filter.

8.Comment Blacklist. I love this option most, because we can blacklist anything which is mentioned in number 7 above, the different will be, the comments will be marked as spams.

Although this comment will helps you alot to combat spams, do not forget to activate akismet plugin, it is very important.

In this example, i filter word v*agra as a spam.

Comment blacklist box.

9. Avatars.

I checked “Show avatars” so people who comment to your blog post can have images or their pictures as avatar. Still don’t have avatar? follow this tutorial to display images if you are commenting.

Maximum rating is mostly left as it is by default.

Default avatar, when people comment and they don’t have any images, this will be displayed automatically either with “mystery man” or any other options.

Avatar for WordPress Comment Settings

10. Click “Save Changes” Button.

I hope this summary of setting up discussion setting of wordpress can be useful tip.

Video Tutorial:

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