Shareasale Review – Is it Good? When Does Shareasale pay?

Shareasale Review – What is Shareasale?

Shareasale is actually an affiliate network. If you start to make money online from your blog using affiliate network, or you already done it, this network must be familiar to you.

Last year, I did not use any affiliate networks, my method to monetize this wordpress blog was only with Google AdSense. But since I bought Thesis theme, inside the dashboard in Thesis option page, you would find “affiliate program” tab.

Few years back, Thesis did not use it, but now, it uses it as their affiliate networks.

So what is affiliate? Affiliate is actually a method to make money on your blog by selling other people’s products, and if you have a sale, you will get a comission for it.

This shareasale review we will discuss more about it, how do they pay, and how long does it take, generally, is it a good network?

I will write further based on my experience with them..

Shareasale Review – Is Shareasale Good and Reliable?

Yes, they are reliable. I will share you my story in this shareasale review..

A few months back, I joined this affiliate network, to sell Thesis theme which I personally use, I have made a few sales, until I had about $350 in my affiliate account.

To be paid, you will first need to send them the tax document if you live in the U.S, and because I am in Europe, I had to send a fax to them.

I have checked my account, sent them faxes that I am a non-US earner, and all they need, however I did not receive the payments.

This network does not have paypal payment feature, so I could only choose direct deposit. Because I did not get my comission, I wrote an email to Brian, from Shareasale.

To be honest, the reply needed a while, It was about weeks, but finally he did reply.

He was so helpful in his email, and I am quite satisfied with his answer.

Shareasale Review – When will shareasale pay?

After you cleared the tax stuff, you can easily edit your account settings, for instance, the payment treshold, you bank account’s details, etc.

When you log in to your account, you will see many options above the page, one of them is “Account Settings”.

shareasale review

Choose, “Edit account settings”, and you will see your account’s ID, and details, such as, names, address, and when you scroll down a bit, you will see, “Your Payment Trigger (Payment is sent when your balance reaches this number – Minimum of $50.)”.

From that option, you can choose from drop down menu, how much USD you want to have a payment treshold.

shareasale review

It also said, minimum $50, so when you have balance under $50 it will be paid until next month, on the 2ord.

The payout is on the 2ord, and will be paid accordingly to your payment’s preference option.

If you are in the U.S.A, you probably will choose check, but I guess for non-US affiliates, direct deposit is great.

Now, when will the payment arrive to the bank?..In my experience, shareasale need a bit longer than Comission Junction or AdSense. (related post: Altenative to AdSense)

Summary of shareasale review post: It is reliable, great support, just needs a while until the money gets into your bank account, share your experience!

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  1. says

    I’ve just received the first check from Shareasale. That’s a great program with the highest commission possibly.
    It seems like Shareasale doesn’t allow direct deposit to my account, so I have to use FedEx for $20. :(

    • says

      Hey Tuan,

      Congratulations for the 1st check!

      $20? wow that’s pretty amount of money..

      I guess because the country which you live in, does not allow you having a direct deposit method..

      To me, the problem is the conversion from USD to Euro, 1 USD = 1.38 Euro :(

      Oh well, I still hope our earning will be better :-)

      Thanks for leaving a message.