Should I Blog? Why you should blog

Should I blog? WordPress is a good choice to start

Blogging is very common nowadays, I guess most of the websites that I visit accidentally which I found in Search Engine Results Page (SERP) are mostly built with wordpress, in a blogging platform. Of course, if you have a company website, you can also use wordpress. (Related post: how to use wordpress as a website). Although you might have this “should I blog?” question.

Today, I will share my experience of having so many websites and how updating your blog is very important for generating traffic (Related: 1000 visitors a day). In this case, if you use a static html page, you might want to switch to blogging softwares, because of its fresh content that is loved by Search Engines. I remember when I answered someone’s question in a forum, he wanted to have a website with so many pages, and of course I recommended wordpress. Though lately, because of the updates, so many complains about WP which can let down bloggers, fail updating and upgrade is everyone’s nightmare whenever they click “update now” button. Including myself.

Should I blog with wordpress? yes, blogging with wordpress is the easiest way to build website in my opinion, because apart of the software itself is free, you would not need any coding knowledge. You have so many free templates or premiums that you can use without write the code yourself. With a little effort, like writing an article regularly will grow your website both for traffic and credibility.

Should I blog? – WordPress blogs and SEO

As I mentioned above, updating your blog is very important. Based on my experience, when I did not update my blog for a few weeks (I did it because I wanted to try), I get the surprising result, my traffic dropped. (related: increase organic traffic). From this fact, I then update my blog regularly, and the traffic goes back. Apparently, Google or Other Search Engines (SE), like Bing, and Yahoo Search Engine love fresh content from your website. With the help of Sitemap.xml, SE bots will crawl your website faster. Using WordPress as website builder is indeed giving business owner or webmasters benefit. Its ability to add meta tags with plugins, optmising post, as well as creating sitemap.xml can be done with a single click inside the dashboard. Nothing is difficult!

Blogging SEO Key

You probably ever heard, content is the king. And I do personally believe it. When you have valuable content, you would not need too hard to promote your blog to get backlinks. With time and patient, people will start to link back to your post or article themselves, without our promotion, or we don’t need to ask for those links. But of course, you have to test it with your website, if one year, not too many people link your post in their posts or any forums, then it is your niche, the solution will be, try to promote your blog via social media or guest blogging.

should I blog

Content Promotion

Every webmasters have different website’s topic, if your website content is about selling your product, then of course, not too many people link back to your post. In this case, you have to find more backlink to their websites or blogs with Guest blogging or blog commenting, for example.(related:seo tips 2011). The more backlinks you have, it is like telling Google, your website is a trusted source for its users.

Should I blog? Blogging needs effort.

Should I blog question now is almost answered, installing wordpress blog is one step to be success on promoting your product, but only writing fresh article is not enough, if you want to rank great in SERP. I have just launched a one week old website, which is crawled by Google in a few days (unfortunately) without any promotions, what I did, I have just installed must have plugins and created one post. Of course I need to put more effort on that, apply this basic SEO pdf file and SEO tips 2011 to help your blogging journey. Should I blog? You should!

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