Should I Post Everyday in My Blog?

Posting everyday in a wordpress blog

Being a blogger can be real fun, but there are a few challenges to write articles and then post them to our blogs.

Thing is, those contents should be useful or helpful to the readers, and there are times, where we don’t know what to post.

This, of course would not happen if you have multi authors, or more than two authors in your blog, but if you are the only one author in your blog, or has one assistance author, then you will feel the same way.

Most of us will definitely ask, should I post everyday in my blog?

From my experience, writing everyday in this blog gave me benefit.

Firstly, more traffics, because the more contents you have, the more chances your post will be found in Google. (related: optimise articles for SEO).

Second, if you have subscribers, posting news about our related topics will interest them, and that makes them visiting your blog again.

Third, your Alexa ranking will get higher faster, I was surprised at first, but this happened.

Fourth, is surprisingly not so long ago, Google announces another algorithm update which will focus on more up to date or freshness of a site.

This, will impact 35% of the search results, says Google blog.

Posting everyday in a blog – Not every bloggers can do

Since that Google’s announcement, the freshness and updates in your blog is very important.

This is because that announcement also means, Google will show more recent of the related term people are looking for.

For a small example, when people look for “WordPress” keyword, search result will show more to latest information about the recent wordpress articles or post, or even tutorial.

This also means, articles about wordpress 3.1 or current, will rank better than articles about the older wordpress versions, says, wordpress version 2.7, only an example.

It also depends on why you are blogging. If you blog for money, you will definitely want to rank higher than other blogs to get more traffic, since more traffic means more chances to make money.

Some problems that bloggers have, including myself is the time. People have busy daily life, some can’t even have time to post more than twice a week.
post everyday in a blog

With wordpress blogging software, however, this issue can be solved easily by outsourcing or hire freelancer or scheduling post. (related: scheduling post wordpress 3).

With scheduling post feature, you can create a few posts whenever you have time, and then set when those posts should be published inside your dashboard.

Taking benefits from Algo’s freshness contents

Honestly, I don’t have time at the moment to check whether the search results now showing the most fresh content in the first pages, but in some keywords I have checked, it is slowly happening.

Plus, Google has actually seldom announcing their algo updates.

If they did announce the changes and what they are focusing on, we can definitely take advantage.

Post regularly, updating the site is one of them.

Although I am not sure if this works, espcially after Google Panda on October 2011, but if they announce their algo now searching for freshness of a site, this will definitely help.

Then, if you have already set RSS feed be it with feedburner or other RSS services, then your content will update that feed automatically, and this means, your blog has fresh content.

If you also using Sitemap.xml, I am using Google’s sitemap XML generator plugin, the sitemap page, will show the date when you are updating your blog.

Posting everday in your blog or a few times a week, or other words, regularly, will definitely give benefit on your site’s SEO.

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