Shrink your disk in Vista

This issue happens often when you have a new computer or laptop which is Windows operating system (OS) based.

You are excited to break down your partition and it is understandable why you want to do that.

It is for a better files organizing in your system, which I guess everyone wants their computers stay organized, in order to easily find something whenever they search for specific files or documents.

You would not want to put all of your files in one disk, and the right way to solve this matter is partition.

However, in my case, it was an issue as I am not too savvy in computer tasks, so I had a few problems.

If you want to shrink your disk more in Windows Vista, sometimes it does not come like what you expect. This is how you shrink your disk in Vista!

Watch the video in youtube! or here.

[youtube id=”6jt1B-NoEgM” w=”450″ h=”350″]

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