Sitelinks wordpress blog [when will my blog has sitelinks?]

Sitelinks wordpress blog – what are sitelinks?

A few weeks ago, when i checked my Google webmaster tool (related post: Submit sitemap to webmaster tool) I have noticed i had sitelinks.

Then i checked in Google search box, typing some keywords, they did not not appear, they will be only displayed if i type “”.

When i typed that, i see the lists of my sitelinks.

What are sitelinks anyway? Sitelinks (in my case, sitelinks wordpress) are more and less like your blog’s shortcuts to enable people who find your website with the associated keywords they typed in Google search box to see deep linking inside your blog.

So they don’t have to go to your “homepage” first to see that pages.

Let’s see my sitelinks wordpress blog that i captured in the following image to understand better.

sitelinks wordpress

my sitelinks when "" is typed in

As shown, i have these sitelinks wordpress when this post is created.:

1. Best SEO wordpress theme
2. About Me page
3. Change Page Order wordpress
4. Upload wordpress file using FTP
5. Free services
6. Contact
7. Make a copy before modifying twenty ten

So those sitelinks wordpress of my blog make people see my deep linking of those pages inside my blog. They don’t have to visit my homepage to search and go to one of those pages, but they can click that link via Google Search Result Pages.

This means, sitelinks wordpress blog are very helpful for people who search your website, but also it is an improvement of your blog, because it is listed by Google.

How to check sitelinks wordpress blog?

I already mentioned above, after you have submitted your sitemap to Google webmaster tools, you can the check sitelinks wordpress blog.

The steps:

1. Login to your account in Google Websmaster tools.

2. In the left sidebar, you will see “site Configuration”.

Click the minus button, to expand the drop down menu.

3. Click on “sitelinks”.

You will see the lists of your sitelinks wordpress blog, for the last updated day.

If you haven’t one, you will see this text on the top in the same page which says;

“Sitelinks are links to a site’s interior pages. Not all sites have sitelinks. Google generates these links automatically, but you can remove sitelinks you don’t want. ”

I will explain furthermore below..

Not every website have this sitelinks wordpress blog is included

In order to have sitelinks, there are a few things to pay attention a bit:

1. Your site is at least one year old.

This blog gets its sitelinks when it was one year old.

2. Your blog has a decent traffics which should be natural organic traffic.

See my post about how to increase organic traffic.

3. Your blog should have inbound links from more authorized websites.

If your content is useful for everyone it will increase the chances for people to link your blog in their websites.

4. Your site is search engine friendly.

It means, the structure, and layout are accessable. Check out my related post, how to reduce bounce rate, and if its effecting your page rank.

5. Your blog does get a pretty high CTR (shorts from Click Through Rate) from organic traffics.

Those criterias are not fixed, i mean, because Google has its own algorithm that always changes to rank blogs or websites.

To have sitelinks wordpress blogs, Google create those sub links depending on your content, they are created dynamically, it will change, and be created automatically too.

So it means, you can’t request those shortcuts links to Gooogle.

Just be patient with the blog age, create content, and it will come alone.

I am noticing big change on traffics and Page Rank by using this best SEO theme, and best SEO plugin to be two of my many ways to get my sitelinks wordpress blog.

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