Sitemap.XML Settings Generate Sitemap for WordPress

Sitemap.XML Settings for wordpress, is it important?

There are pros and contras of bloggers especially the newbies if google sitemap.xml is worth installing or is it important to include in your blog?

I too, did not know what a sitemap.xml file is for, and I just installed when I started this blog, because everyone is doing it..

And if you do Google researches, you will find many and numerous different tips about important or not-important discussion.

So what to decide? to me, the best answer is, experience it yourself. It will not hurt anything by the way.

I guess when we discuss about sitemap.xml settings, I think it is just like earning money online discussion, you would not truly believe it until it happens to yourself.

Simply as that actually. Especially on the Internet world nowadays, many scams that will fool you around, so better be careful before you pull out any cash from your wallet.

Experience it yourself , try, test and experience, rinse the benefits, is all I need to say.

To me, Sitemap.XML settings is important

Creating a sitemap.xml in wordpress is really easy, and actually you can leave the sitemap.xml settings to the default one, and it will work fine.

Since I have many blogs (related: multiple blogs in a webserver, reserve a domain name without hosting), I sometimes just left my sitemap.xml settings in default settings.

The result is not too much different than when you make priority or notifying Yahoo Search Engine. This is from my experience, feel free to share yours.

As in the heading says, to me sitemap.xml is very important. Do I have a reason why I wrote it is important to my blog? Yes, I do.

My reason why I added Google sitemap.xml generator plugin as a must have wordpress plugin and why I think it is important is because having sitemap xml file, eventhough with the sitemap.xml settings set to the default really helps our blogs to get indexed by Search Engine, especially Google very fast.

This is based on my experience too. I have a three months blog that when I set up, it was too slow to be indexed. I know that sitemap xml file alone would not determine how fast your site to be indexed, but it makes everything “faster” so one helps another.

What Sitemap.XML Settings do I have?

About last year, I created a video tutorial how to create a sitemap xml, and in that video, I have posted how I actually set my sitemap.xml settings.

sitemap.xml settings

How I set up the sitemap.xml setting in this blog.

As mentioned above, and due to my experience with my other blogs, leaving the default setting is just fine, however, I did set those sitemap.xml settings that way, and it works nice too.

If you have not a sitemap yet, these posts might be interesting for you, one, the sitemap importance post, and the video post, how to create a sitemap.xml

About the sitemap.xml settings, it is up to you, whether you leave everything by default or you adjust like I did with my blog.

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