Sites Like Adsense- Alternative to Adsense List

Lists of Sites like adsense.

Your adsense account being banned? or just curious to make more of monetizing your blog?

There are many websites which are really good alternative to adsense. But still, based on my experience with this blog, AdSense is the best way to monetize your blog, this is why once you have the account, you should take care of it.

Here are the top list of sites like adsense.

1.Infolinks If you see in some blogs or websites, whenever you hover your mouse in a link, a small square box will be opened and displaying the advertisement. Basically whenever your visitors click those links, you will be rewarded. Infolinks is the most popular one of sites like adsense lists.

I use infolinks too since it was EASY to apply, the earning is lower than AdSense but more than Chitika and other alternatives. And it enables us to receive money via paypal. Oh they do always pay!

2. Chitika
If your blog’s content promote products or review some products, then Chitika is a must try ad networks, you can earn well if you do keywords researches on a product before you placing chitika advertisement.
Payment: Paypal and checks.
Minimum Payout: $10 for Paypal, $50 for checks.

3. Adbrite.

Update: this site doesn’t exist anymore.
To me, this is the most popular ad network after Google adsense. Adbrite allows you setting up your ads which can show up in your website.
Payout: 100$ or you can choose.

According to this blog, Adbrite pay lower than the two above.

sites like adsense

4. Clicksor.
The famous ads networks on the internet. The ads that they provide, will be displayed depends on the keywords that your visitor use to find your blog or website.
Payment: Paypal.
Minimum payout: $50
Avaialable for all citizens.

5. bidvertiser.
Another alternative to adsense, it allows you to specify your’s ads design, allows you control which ads you want them to display. In my opinion, if you have lots of traffic, the bidvertiser is a good choice, otherwise, you will earn low.
Payment: Paypal and Checks.
Payout: Check, Min $25, Paypal min $10

6. Text link ads.
It has huge amount of publishers so you will have more choices of your ads.
Payment: Paypal, Credit card, checks.
Minimum Payout: Check = $25

7. Kontera You may want to consider Kontera as an alternative to adsense. But personally i think their ads can be too spammy.

8. Yahoo! Publisher Network Almost similar to adsense, including the terms and conditions, and also not receiving every advertiser proposal, especially when you are non US citizen. However a worth try.

9. Vibrant Media Almost similar to Yahoo! Publisher Network, a little bit selective to applicant’s website, but it is also alternative to adsense.

Which one of sites like adsense that i recommend?

My recommendation is for chitika, and Infolinks, as this blog also use them. But you know what, besides of these sites like adsense list, you can earn MUCH more money with affiliate marketing.

If you have traffics, you can sell other people products via, and you will earn more, example, i sell a wordpress theme, one deal i will get around 30-40$, that’s a month adsense! worth trying since it is free and most bloggers use it.

Any reviews or experiences with these ads networks? share your opinions about my list of sites like adsense above;)

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