Skypad Alpha Review |SKYTEX Skypad Alpha 7″ Touch Screen Cortex-A8 Tablet Android OS 2.3

Skypad Alpha tablet first impression

At first, I was very skeptical to purchase a tablet or device below the ipad2 since I have tried the Apple tablet a few times, and they are really fun.

I was considering to decide between this Skytex Skypad tablet and the Coby Kyros MID7024, for the complete specs, I contacted the manufacturer which is based in California (USA), and they have been brilliant, I asked some questions and they answered me almost immediately.

Included in the box, are a USB cable, a power supply cable, a stylus (which I don’t use anyway), soft cleaning cloth, earphones together with volume control, and a stand. (got it at $103.86)

After opening the package, I recommend that you read the included manual guide that is very basic but it is important covering almost of everything. I was able to be online on the net after setting up my secured wifi connection in about 10 minutes.

skypad alpha
It comes with these stuff.

Browsing web pages has been excellent really pleased and also watched CNN site news online which surprisingly was very clear and has good sound. This pad is much more than adequate for browsing internet, working with emails, etc.

You can actually feel this tablet in your hands, which is actually quite good, solid not very heavy with the 7 inch screen and it definitely is worth a lot more than its price on construction and build quality alone.

SKYTEX Skypad Alpha 7″ Touch Screen Cortex-A8 Tablet Android OS 2.3

Applications which are already installed with the Skytex Skypad tablet are numerous, to name some of them, getjar market, e-reader aldiko, photo players, email and calendar apps, and so on.. plus hundreds more in the market and installing apps is a breeze.

Standard games like Angry Birds work well and taking advantage of Android Market after configuring my gmail account I installed a few extra games and apps. Download rate ended up being really excellent.

With 1.3mp built-in webcam, this tablet runs well with Skype, not best quality of video but it runs pretty darn good.

Music does sound good with built-in speakers, but to some it might sound tinny however you can use the headphones that has volume wheel!

skypad alpha
SKYTEX Skypad Alpha 7 inch tablet

Videos and movies look really good and it supports 1080p even it’s described only to play 720p movies. MP4, mov, mkv, avi, 3gp, h264 – many formats work well, they play and also look very clear.

This SKYTEX Skypad Alpha 7″ Touch Screen Cortex-A8 Tablet Android OS 2.3 tablet does support flash which you can install it easily. I have tried YouTube videows, CNN and even Netflix streaming videos without no lags whatsoever.

The battery life is not disappointing, with wifi on, I could get 5-6 hours battery life, which is surprisingly long lasting compared to other tablets in the same price tags.

My only minor criticism are the resistive screen and only a 4 gb of storage space.

But to get bluetooth, wifi, working GPS (via app), webcam, fairly fast processing speed, and California based technical support, this tablet is good for basic works. You won’t find other tablets for this price with bluetooth, decent battery life.
skypad alpha

Skypad Alpha Review – Summary

In short, this Skypad Alpha tablet isn’t an iPad2, but really a great all-rounder device for those who want to do emails, docs, basic games on the weekend and basic computing such as read or edit ms word, excelt, pdfs, and even powerpoint in the office.

To me this SKYTEX Skypad Alpha meets my requirements and for $100 price range, it’s definitely a bargain!

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  1. Brian says

    Are you sure it has on board GPS? I’ve been researching this tablet all day and everything I’ve read says it doesn’t have GPS. THANKS