Sonos Play 3 Review |Sonos Play:3 All-In-One Wireless Music Player With 3 Integrated Speakers (White, NEW)

Sonos Play 3 is overview

After several years of frustation with my old radar, I was in search of looking a solution to bring my music digital files to every room in my house.

Each time, I bought a device and thought that was my solution, there were always limitations, so I needed quite a long time before I made decission to purchase.

Finally, I made a decision to try Sonos Play 3. Without a doubt, it was a costly device, to tell the truth, the price was the first reason why I held off purchasing the unit.

However, with my ZP90 (ZonePlayer 90) and this new Sonos Play 3, I have been playing it about a few weeks, I have to admin that this Sonos Play 3 is no doubt worth every money you will invest. (got it at $199)

This unit is without question a solution for anyone who is searching for a wireless system for digital music distribution.

sonos play 3

Sonos Play:3

I am considering myself personally as an audiophile, owning a decent amount of electronic music albums collection, such as trance, ambient, IDM etc, they are 90s music until current modern day music.

The others are mostly, alternative and mainstream rock, and soundtracks. Musics that are played on the radio is rarely played in my house. I have mostly ripped my music files into MP3s.

Sonos Play 3 installation is very very simple. From beginning to the end of set up process took about 10 minutes.

You can easily plug this unit into your power and then your router. (it works directly with your router, or using a bridge)

Next, you can put your CD into your computer and the software will walk you through.

After this unit is recognized by your computer, the process will be incredibly easy, it will sync your device.

I could sync my iTunes music, and went online, accessing Pandora, it was not difficult at all to do.

Sonos Play 3 features

My first experience with this Sonos system was amazing! I almost could not believe it.

This Sonos play:3 all-in-one wireless music player combines the sound system and the breadth content to be a great wireless music listening experiences- definitely worth it.

I really have to confirm that this unit is my life changer, it is very hard to describe how this stuff gives me diversity, quality access to uplift my music experience, whenever playing music with this device, I feel so relaxed.

sonos play:3

Plug and Play!

It is simply unbelievable how the component of this device work well all together, and how conveniently the unit’s controllers, in my case, is my iPhone or iPad giving you easy access to your entire music collections.

For the volum control, it is built-in in the device, but you can also easily control the volume with your tablet, phone, or your computer.

Sonos Play 3 with iPad, iPhone, or iPod, and other devices

Now there are actually more benefits to own one Sonos Play:3 than having a docking speaker, if you already use iPad, Android phones, or iPhone.

1. You can be your own “couch DJ”.

It’s absolutely without question a great pleasure to control anything what you are listening to right wherever you are, just by having your iPod or iPhone in your hand.

No need to look or even standing up to select a track, artist and a specific radio station, or even to see what music is currently playing, completely control the whole system from your couch.

2. You can have an internet radio.
It works with local and hundreds internet radio stations, this device spotted them very quick, provide an independent menu option too.

Listening to, pandora, and rhapsody are very nice.

Furthermore, they are also well organized, such as based on the state, country, genre, etc.

sonos play 3

In short, this unit is absolutely easy to set up, top quality of the sound, Sonos Play 3 is an excellent simple entire house wireless music solution.

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