Sony A77 Review |Sony Alpha 77 24.3 MP Translucent Mirror Digital SLR With 16-50mm F2.8 lens

Sony A77 Review

I spent a lot of time to read reviews, asking some professionals in photography world, I finally decided on getting this Sony A77 24.3 MP Translucent Mirror Digital SLR With 16-50mm F2.8 lens.

Being the successor of Sony A55, the Sony A77 model offers some new features and more advanced technology that are not found on the predecessor.

It really has been absolutely a revelation, for the quality of videos and also the photo quality.

Like any other devices, it is the facts about functionalities and capabilities.

The APS CMOS sensor, better transculent mirror, OLED electronic viewfinder, and so on.

sony a77
Sony Alpha 77

Without a doubt a higher price will mean a lot better low-light performance, better picture detail, and even a lot faster on the performance.

The better dSLRs you have, the better it will handle some specific detailed features of burst exposures far better, however for that price, the Sony A77 absolutely is hard to beat!

Sony A77 Review specs and features

Appearance wise, this Sony Alpha 77 dSLR camera is really good looking with the magnesium body, feels robust.

The body alone will give a smile on your face after investing around 2x amount of money for top notch dSLRs with faster performance speed.

The entire design and style are well made, rich equipped with helpful features, offers a powerful system for anyone, and the Sony Softwares are also fairly good, providing a lot of helpful modifying features and others.

First and foremost, the translucent mirror idea which does not need to move, and therefore it gives you continuous live view and also continuous level recognition auto-focus if you use it on movie mode.

This Sony camera is incredibly fast! it shot 10 fps for a while, giving the sound of a machine gun when its shutter runs through the camera’s continuous motions.

For the quality of the picture, this camera performs brilliantly, there is certainly nothing to do wrong on this, you will have a fantastic, totally functional camera which will shoot awesome photos, and this will make everything very easy for photography starters to try the full instructions of the camera’s settings efficiently.

Furthermore, the superior high speed sensor is running very well. Featuring the ISO level from 50-18’000, the best in its category.

sony alpha 77
3.0-inch LCD monitor

I frequently use it up to to ISO 12000 without problems, and the best of all, Sony’s built-in stabilization feature, called “Steady Shot” will really offer you around a pair of extra f stops in addition to that.

The OLED electronic viewfinder is the main topic of this Sony A77 camera.

I personally think the OLED viewfinder is the very best parts on this Sony Alpha 77 camera, the viewfinder actually will give you everything you need and even more, and it is identical to its LCD, this means, if you prefer, you can switch between your OLED viewfinder and the camera’s LCD easily. (or even using them both!)

The built in GPS system function is awesome, and I have tried it frequently already, but my complain is using this fetaure will eat the battery life.

There is a built-in software that will download and update your GPS location to the camera automatically, which means your GPS system will be very reliable and fast, one of the very nice feature that I really like.

And another great feature, if you want, you can hook up this camera to a computer to copy your pictures images via its SD card that you can find in the right side of the device.

Then on the left side, you can find HDMI output, the built-in flash, AC adapter, and a microphone.

The camera video function gives a easy constant auto focus while you are taking some videos.

sony a77

Sony A77 Review Summary

All in all this Sony A77 24.3 MP Translucent Mirror Digital SLR is definitely a great camera, with a lot enhanced kit camera lens.

This camera also features some great functionalities making it joy to work with, for instance the brilliant spinning, and the headline 10 frames per second shooting!

Sony A77 is a great dSLR, which is great for beginners and also the experienced as well.

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