Sony Digital Reader Pocket Edition (PRS300RC) with 5″ Screen-Pink review

Sony Digital Reader – Sony Digital Reader Pocket Edition (PRS300RC) with 5″ Screen Pink

This Sony Digital Reader Pocket Edition (PRS300RC) with 5″ Screen Pink review article is going to be shared about a really solid e-books reader, Sony Digital Reader Pocket Edition (PRS300RC) which is available in silver and pink colors.

This device, as you will imagine, is a great product from a well-known electronics producer, Sony.

sony digital reader

The 5-inch screen display features high resolution that reasing digital books are at ease, and very comfortable for you to hold it in your hand, since it is extra light, and very thin.

This Sony Digital Reader Pocket Edition (PRS300RC) with 5″ Screen Pink review product is improved, it performs much faster than older version.

By getting your most beloved e-books, you can build books library in this tiny Sony Digital Reader Pocket Edition (PRS300RC) with 5″ Screen Pink review product.

You can also select one of huge range ebook collections that are available in the eBook store.

Sony Digital Reader Pocket Edition (PRS300RC) with 5″ Screen Pink specs — features

1. 5-inch screen display with elegant looks, and very light on its weight.

2. It can store up to 350 books inside this device.

3. Giving the user access to online ebook stores.

4. Very easy to read, it is like reading a book, natural display.

5. Built-in e-book library application that are compatible for Mac and PC.

6. Offers three font sizes, to modify the size of the words, for your comfortable reading.

7. Flash responsive page turns, and you have page numbers to quick access on a page.

8. Left hand user friendly with side page more advance buttons.

9. Easy navigation as well as the placement of the buttons to enhance your reading experience.

sony digital reader
Page Numbering, and easy navigation.

Customers reviews and experiences on this Sony Digital Reader Pocket Edition (PRS300RC) with 5″ Screen Pink

Bad reviews

1. It can not be used to access and purchase books from Borders, or Barners & Nobles website.

2. This e-reader is not recognized by some computers.

3. The Sony books are more expensive than kindle books. (related: Kindle 3G review)

4. To read pdf format or a content which images, it tooks about 20-30 seconds to turn the page.

5. It does not support HTML pages or contents.

6. Not enough storage for at least 1,000 books, recommended to get Kindle, a step up from the price, but you will have much more benefits.

7. It does not have “highlight” or “make a note” features, so it is a bit difficult if you want to mark some phrase or sentence.

8. It is absolutely far away from Kindle’s features which are more complete.

Kindle 3G Price is $189.00 and this Sony Digital Reader Pocket Edition (PRS300RC) with 5″ Screen Pink price is $149.99. Around $50.00 more, you get a high quality of e-reader, Kindle 3G with free 3G Wifi.

Good reviews

1. Very slick design, and thin, very light to hold.

2. Reasonable price, pouch is included without extra cost.

3. Very simple to use, download your book, add it to the library, and sync it. You’re ready to go.

4. Amazing battery life.

5. The bookmark where you had a break on reading, easy to pick up the last spot.

These following reviews are about this Sony digital reader vs Kindle:

6. This device gives page numbers, for instance, page 3, but Kindle has location numbers, and not page number.

7. It has more dark ink compared to Kindle.

8. It has better font size, which are small font, medium and large font. Kindle has three, the two first ones are way too small, and the last one is just a way large.

9. The size is around 2″ smaller than Kindle’s length and height, though the screen dimension is almost the same (only 1/2 inch different).

Summary: If you just want to have an e-book reader, this unit is a good choice for you, but if you want to have a “little” bit more complete reader, then best to choose Kindle.

Read more what the people say after purchasing this sony digital reader in this review page, it is absolutely worth a look, as well as worth its price.

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