Sony DSC-HX100 Review |Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-HX100 16.2 MP Exmor R CMOS Digital Still Camera

Sony DSC-HX100 Review – Overview

Since a few months, I have a plan to get a DSLR camera until I finally saw about this Sony DSC-HX100 which one of the bridge cameras. This Sony DSC-HX100 is actually crossovering between a DSLR and ‘point and shoot’ camera.

Those cameras are usually looking like DSLRs but they are obviously a bit more pricey than the point and shoot cameras but it has much more flexibility, extraordinary zoom, and the most important, you will not need to purchase additional lens attachments which are mostly expensive. (got it at $299)

After I have already been doing a bit of research for about two months now and also have been focusing on this Sony DSC-HX100 and on a Panasonic camera which I believe is another stunning camera.

sony dsc-hx100
Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-HX100

I finally decided on picking this Sony DSC-HX100. I was looking for all of the features that this camera has, this includes a really incredible up to 810 mm zoom.

Of course I love the other options too, So I have tried using high dynamic ratio together with a slower shutter speed to shoot a waterfall in the neighboorhood at dusk.

Seriously. I was very amazed. It has the “handheld twilight” mode which is very helpful if you want to snap building pictures especially at night time, and what I really like is the zoom which works really good to catch wildlife pictures.

Sony DSC-HX100 Features

In terms of the speed, it is impressive, it focuses and starts quickly, and I have not experienced any little delays between switching the camera on and when it is ready to shoot.

Between the screen of the camera and the electronic viewfinder, you will find an automatic switch which has functionality that I really like.

For instance when I wanted to switch to the electronic viewfinder, because I saw a few bird pictures, and somehow I lost the bird while using the screen. On my previous camera, there was a button to achieve that, when I moved my camera, I missed my object.

On this Sony DSC-HX100, it will automatically switches to the view finder when I move the camera close to my eye, very easy!

sony dsc-hx100
Sony DSC-HX100

Taking several videos are nice, the quality is clear, has really great sound, and you will find an option where you can zoom while you are shooting.

Overall, I love all of the features that this Sony HX100 has. I am going to travel very soon, and I want to use this camera to take cityscapes pics with its panorama mode. I am sure I will have lots of fun with the camera’s features, without reading the manual.

Sony DSC-HX100 Review – Summary

sony dsc-hx100

This Sony HX100 is definitely not as great as thousand dollars slr camera, but it does its job well with the great quality of pictures that will make me printing them to frame at home, and showing them as slideshows to my relative.

I would recommend this camera for anyobody who is looking for a full features bridge camera and doesn not want to get an SLR, this Sony DSC-HX100 is a must buy over other bridge cameras.

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