Sony NEX5NK/B Review |Sony NEX5NK/B 16.1 MP Digital SLR Touchscreen

Sony NEX5NK/B Overview

This Sony NEX5NK/B is an awesome Sony camera, has lots of the features of the SLR in a really light and also slim body weight.

I would say the 18-55mm lens is definitely a high quality piece of equipment. Therefore in case you are tired of holding around your current heavy SLR camera this can be the solution.

The picture quality is fantastic really sharp precise colors by having excellent low-light performance without flash to shoot in virtual darkness.

I own a Canon SLR camera which rivals this camera for the quality of the picture. (sold it at $699 here)

The navigation and menu system requires a while to get used to but when you’ve upgraded from “a point and shoot”, then you will not take long to get used to it.


There are some handy tips that are displayed in the menu that I personally like to help me getting better pictures.

Another helpful feature is the intelligent auto mode there is however a bit complicated mode for more advance photography.

The Auto focus is indeed very fast and snappy, the big sensor gives you fantastic images with the style of SLR images result.

If you prefer, this has manual focus too, and it works beautifully.

The true angle small display monitor lets you to shoot in various angles and Sony has the touch-screen tiltable just like a camcorder. I am very happy that the screen will not wash out when you use it outdoor under the sun.

Sony NEX5NK/B 16.1 MP Digital SLR Touchscreen

The movie mode is simply great, I have shot many full 1920 x 1080 movies from this Sony NEX5NK/B camera, and it is very nice to hook it up to a HDTV to view or convert, and export to be a HD video file and then burn it to an dvd disc.

I have already been using this Sony NEX5NK/B in its movie mode much more than using it in picture mode, so that is how excellent this is. Just the right camera to shoot movies inside or indoor because the camera can still do auto focus while zooming, fantastic!

You will find a really tiny flash which comes with this camera, but it is really small, so not really a great flash, but it is not a big deal for me, as to me, this camera can already shoot great pictures in the dark without the flash.

A full-sized APS- C sensor using 16.1 megapixels does the good job here as opposed to many of the cameras from another brand.

Be sure you have an enough storage especially if you use it alot to record HD movies, I highly recommend 16 GB and above.

Sony NEX5NK/B Review- Summary

I was also considering the NEX7 but it was not too portable to me, yeah, it has 24mp sensor but the primary reason I purchased this Sony NEX5NK was the size. It is extremely light, compact (has magnesium body), can simply be carried away in your bag.

Overall, this camera looks very fit, and has a super build quality. Sony NEX5NK/B is a brilliant piece of kit that shakes up the current SLR cameras market.

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