Sony S Tablet Review |Sony SGPT112US/S Wi-Fi Tablet (32GB)

Sony S Tablet Review

I have had this Sony S tablet for several days, thus far, it has exceeded my requirements almost in every aspects.

I do believe I’ve at last found a good portable netbook replacement.

Appearance and feel; this Sony S tablet is really solid, it feels good in hands, and doesn’t feel cheap at all.

It’s even lighter and thinner than iPad2!

Overall tablet performance; powered by 1GHz dual-core Nvidia Tegra 2 processor chip this Sony S1 run all my apps very fast, and have watched HD YouTube videos with no hiccup, smooth and incredibly responsive.

About the memory, this unit comes with 1gig of RAM, exactly 2x iPad’s. (I got my 32gb for $498)

Storage; there are the 16gb and 32gb version, and I purchased the 32gb just to make sure I have enough memory as time goes.

I just don’t want to be running out of storage.

The 9.4-inch LED-backlit IPS screen looks really good, it has 1280x800px resolution, and it has great viewing angles both horizontally, and vertically.

The screen is vibrant (I sometimes have to set it to 50% because it’s bright in my opinion)

Connectivity on this Sony S tablet is very easy. It is absolutely wifi capable device, I even tried the google chat via gtalk out of my house (within my wifi network area) and it was amazing.

The microphone and camera work, it allowed me switching from front camera to back camera. (it has 0.3MP rear and 5MP front camera)

The Sony S tablet has no 3G/4G though, but of course you can thether this tablet to your phone, or easily using the wifi connectivity. I would not want to have another data plan if I already a phone to be the hotspot for my tablet.

While Samsung galaxy tab and iPad2 don’t include a full size standard SD-card memory slot, this Sony SGPT111US/S has it, which is very nice and efficient convenient memory.

Android 3.1 Honeycomb operating system; here is the cool thing, you can have full ability to personalize your home screen, widgets, basically let you customizing your tablet “your own”.

Especially if you have a Google account, when you start up this Sony S tablet for the first time, it will immediately sync, download and install most of your apps which are installed on your droid phone if you have one.

sony s tablet

Sony S1 Tablet

If you don’t use a droid phone, you will still be able to easily install google apps, for instance, gmail, calendar, or gtalk apps for your tablet. Actually Android 3.1 is the best OS for tablets.

The best feature is the real multi-tasking experience, switching from one app to another is smooth, scrolling home screens is certainly a joy too.

Another cool part of this Sony SGPT111US/S tablet is that it has abilities to control your other Sony devices, or even to other devices from different brands . I have been able to control my Sony audio system, and PS3!

Yes, it surprisingly could control my PS3 via tablet’s bluetooth. This is because PS3 has bluetooth remotes, not IR.

Now about battery life; it depends on the usage, this unit has 5000mAh battery, I could get 8-9 hours battery life for basic use, like reading emails, editing docs, and surfing the net via wifi. But for intensive usage such as playing games alot and playing lots of videos, the battery drains so fast.

I would say, the battery life is really good and more than enough for my daily work (and a bit of play).

Sony S tablet vs iPad2

If you are confused which one to choose, I think it does really depend on which operating system you will prefer to work with. I have tried my friend’s iPad2, and I think these two tablets are both powerful devices.

The main difference is the operating system. This Sony S tablet has Android OS and make use of its PlayStation to provide you with its apps and softwares, while the iPad2 has iOS.

It is just a matter of OS, as I personally use tons of Google tools, so I decided on an Android tablet. It just doesn’t has as many apps as the iPad.

So if you have a budget like paying apps for your tablet, then it would be convenient to have iPad with iOS, but if you feel like you want to customize your tablet more than you can do it on the iPad, then this Sony SGPT112US/S wifi tablet is a good alternative.
sony s tablet

Sony S Tablet Review – Summary

Overall, in my conclusion, this device is a really nice device. It’s depending on your needs, other tablets are perhaps better for you, but to me, I really like this Android tablet, fast, powerful, portable and have unique features.

Go for it, I really don’t think you’ll be disappointed. This Sony S tablet is definitely not a perfect device, but it has capabilities that I hoped for.

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