Sony VAIO VPC-CA22FX/B Review |VAIO VPC-CA22FX B 14-Inch Laptop (Black)

Sony VAIO VPC-CA22FX/B Review – Overview

I did try out several laptops in store before I decided on this Sony VAIO VPC-CA22FX/B.

This machine is an excellent all-round performer, with a few great features, but I have to admit a lot of great features are quite common on almost all laptops nowadays.

When you’re paying a little more to a laptop brand whenever you purchase a Sony, you already know that you usually get yourself a very decent device.

This Sony VAIO VPC-CA22FX/B 14-Inch Laptop (Black) is the same. It is very good looking, solidly constructed and features a great “chicklet” backlit keyboard as well as touch pad.

Overall, I am very happy with the great design. (got it at $699.00)

From the weight, this unit is actually lighter in weight compared to my older laptop. It is advertised to be 7.61 pounds, but I found that it is lighter even with the battery inside.

Sony VAIO VPC-CA22FX/B Specs and Features

Performance wise, Sony VAIO VPC-CA22FX/B comes with an extremely better i3 Intel Core processor.

Noticeably, every programs are loaded faster than my previous VIAO model.

I seriously hate sluggish loading laptops, as usually wheb I am at work.

I did not even consider any machines that has lower than an i3 processor because technologies move really fast.

Even today I guess an i3 processor is nearly the minimum to get.

sony vaio vpc-ca22fx/b

Sony VAIO VPC-CA22FX/B boots up instantly and handles multitasking tasks very well even when I have many windows of numerous applications are open and I am working on them at the same time..

This black laptop features Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit Operating System, which looks really nice and also very customize-able.

I always use wireless connections rather than wired connectivity, and this laptop found my printer as well as my wifi network immediately without any problems, and it does have bluetooth which is very helpful to connect to my phones.

I can quickly connect to my smartphone to transfer all of my photos to my laptop.

The keyboard feels really nice, and it is almost similar to the mac, feels better to type one than the most squashed up keys that mostly featured on other 14 inch laptops produced by other brands.

The sound of the Sony VAIO VPC-CA22FX/B laptop speakers is quite tiny, especially when I compare it to my older one but you can find the speakers on the screen, which is nice I think.

There is a button that I really like, it will enable you going straight to the net. It saves a lot of time if you only want to connect to the web.

Sony VAIO VPC-CA22FX/B Review – Summary

There were really a lot to look at when purchasing this, since I will mainly use it for entertainment, such as watching videos, Facebook, surfing internet, email, storing music and photos – also for working.

The 2.1Ghz Intel Core i3 Processor, 4GB of RAM, and 640GB hard drive are the specs that I was looking for.

sony vaio vpc-ca22fx/b

Well, there are surely another options to this machine with almost similar specifications however after taking a look at several laptops, I very much wanted a Sony brand, I have confidence in it, they have extremely solid build machines plus this Sony VAIO VPC-CA22FX/B is extremely aesthetically pleasing.

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