Sony VAIO VPCEJ28FX/B Review |Sony VAIO EJ2 Series VPCEJ28FX/B 17.3-Inch Laptop (Charcoal Black)

Sony VAIO VPCEJ28FX/B Review – Overview

I purchased this Sony Vaio VPCEJ28FX/B laptop because of a very unfortunate accident that happened to my older beloved laptop.

My laptop was also a Sony Vaio model, and I was looking for a bigger screen laptop because I use my laptop mainly to browse internet, a bit of gaming, and watching videos. Believe me, a 17 inch screen sized laptop is better than 15 inch range laptops if you watch movies a lot.

Using a bigger screen sized laptop absolutely made a difference in how movies are displayed, etc, and it has better picture quality too.

Build quality of this Sony Vaio VPCEJ28FX/B , the first thing you will notice about this laptop is the keyboard. It has that “island” style keyboard, and I have to say, it is the best keyboard I have ever used.

sony vaio vpcej28fx/b
"island" keyboard

You won’t find flex whatsoever when you type, and the number pad is a great bonus. The entire laptop is well built, and not flimsy at all.

I personally found this unit is lightweight, much lighter than my previous 15″ Sony laptop, even with the battery is included. ( you can upgrade to 9-cell battery version with this machine too!)

Sony VAIO VPCEJ28FX/B Specs and Limitations

This Sony Vaio EJ2 Series VPCEJ28FX/B 17.3 laptop comes with second generation of Intel Core i5 2430M (at 2.4GHz ), so it loads significantly faster than my previous laptop. I hate working with slow loading laptops, as commonly happened in my office.

Honestly, I did not want any laptops that has less than Intel i3 processor, because computer system improves extremely fast nowadays, so I thought an i5 processor powered machine was a minimum to get.

With 4gig of RAM, this unit loads up super quick, and does its job very well, handles almost everything I have thrown at it flawlessly. I have checked the “Windows experience index” and this gets a 4.7 score.

I had many requirements before purchasing this unit, since I mainly use it to be my entertainment device, watching movies, so I am very pleased that this one includes a blu ray, also I can easily use it to control my PS3 machine, could not be more pleased.

It also runs cool and quiet, even though after I played a marathon WoW, this bad boy does not get hot, very extraordinary for a laptop.

I like that it has enough ports, HDMI, Ethernet, SD card slot, VGA and 4 USB ports (as opposed to 3 on my old Sony Vaio) but I have to mention, it does not have bluetooth and USB 3.0!

However I really like the touchpad, it’s multi-touch, responsive, and really has a solid and nice feel to it. (plus it has multitouch gestures that work very well!).

Battery life is pretty damn impressive, with many open documents and surfing internet, I get a 5-5.5 hours battery life.

sony vaio vpcej28fx/b

Sony VAIO VPCEJ28FX/B Review – Summary

Overall, this laptop ticks all areas I was looking for, and it is powerful enough to do anything I throw at it. I would definitely recommend this Sony Vaio EJ2 Series VPCEJ28FX/B to everyone, Sony Vaio VPCEJ28FX/B just rocks.

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