Srt Windows Media Player – Subtitles Doesn’t Work

Srt File and Windows Media Player

I am currently using a fairly new laptop which runs Windows 7 operating system and I wanted to play a short movie with a
srt file format. (.srt file format is usually the subtitles of the movie).

Subtitles are downloadable everywhere on the net, and they are actually not difficult to create!

That was my first time to watch a movie with that laptop so I was excited but unfortunately Windows Media Player couldn’t read the subtitles.

Srt Windows Media Player- the movie and the Srt have to be in the same folder

I could give up with this srt Windows Media Player thingy and watch the movie without the subtitle, or watch it in another computer and DVD player, but I was really curious about it and really wanted to watch that movie with English subtitle with my laptop.

After ensure myself that they are in one same folder and properly named, I couldn’t really remember how many times I rename, move my movie and .srt file.

Usually as long as you put the movie and the .srt file in the same file, it will be played automatically, but not with Windows Media Player!

Srt Windows Media Player Simple Fix

After a few times renaming my movie and srt files, I finally found the answer;

1. Make sure your movie and .srt files have the same name and placed in the same folder.

Here is the example of my folder and its content. (The folder’s name is: myMovieFolder and both movie file as well as the srt file are named; TheMovieName)

srt windows media player

Make sure they are in one folder, and have same name.

2. Download a subtitle filter for DirectShow called DirectVobSub to your computer (Windows 7 is mine).

3. Once you downloaded that subtitled filter above, open Windows Media Player and play your movie, it should read your subtitle in the bottom of your screen.

Enjoy your movie!

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