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Start a Blog — Why we should start a blog

Everyone is good at something, and most of English speaking people love to read and write.

Although my native language is not English, and I hate reading (I fall asleep whenever I try to read, since hubby also loves reading), but I begin to like writing since I have this blog.

Yes, blogging is proven to be my method to improve my writing skill.

But in my case, since I speak three languages at home, Indonesia, German, and English, my German is getting worse since my English writing is getting better. Can’t have them all, I guess.

However in this start a blog post today, I will not talk more about how bad my German grammar..but I encourage people who love to write or share their abilities to start a blog and describe their capabilities, feelings, wishes into words or articles in their websites. I will tell you why.

Start a Blog — Blogging is getting popular each day

Weblogs has been very popular years ago, and its community growing fast and bigger, because with weblogs, you can have your websites to be information resources of any topics you would want to have.

The first thing which is common comes to our minds about blogging, is of course, how much does blog cost? (related:  wordpress cost).

Surely I understand about it, I did ask myself on this one too before I started mine. If you have a strong will, you can nearly find all the answers. Blogging does not necessarily cost anything, you can blog in or Blogger blogspot without any fees.

Although, like anything else in this world, something which is free, there is limitation. I have posted limitation in these posts: So definitely if you want to make money after blogging for a few months or years, selfhosted blog is much better, and highly recommended.

But of course you have to invest about $4 a month to get a webhosting. (JustHost gives a free domain name and hosting for $4/mo, I use it for this blog).

Usually before you want to start a blog especially the first one, you will first want to share your desires and knowledge.

After start a blog, and running your website for a while, you may want to monetize your blog or probably only continue what your blogging goal is, sharing your knowledge.

I personally wanted to share my knowledge, but since I also earn some money from this blog, I become addicted to Internet marketing, earning money online.

I guess I am not the only one, and I am sure some of you have the same situation. Unless your website will be build based on the goals to promote your own products or services from the beginning, then it is very clear, what your goal to start a blog is.

Start a Blog with wordpress

About blogging software, you can choose many of the available softwares out there before you start a blog.

start a blog

It depends on which one will be suitable and familiar to you. If you want to have an option where you can choose which blogging software you would like to use, then we talk about a selfhosted blog.

My recommendation is wordoress, because it is the best software you can use to build a SEO website.

Although it does not make a sense at all, wordpress blogs are loved by search engines. I have this experience, and I agree with this statement eventhough at first I doubted it.

So here are my video tutorials that might help you to start a blog, if you run a selfhosted wordpress blog:

  1. Installing wordpress 3
  2. What to do after installing wordpres
  3. Change wordpress permalinks
  4. Create Sitemap XML
  5. Must have plugins
  6. Configuring All in SEO pack plugin
  7. Build quality backlinks
  8. Apply SEO tips 2011

and so much more from SEO until customizing your Twenty Ten theme, you can find them all in my sitemap page.

Start a blog with wordpress, and you will love it.

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