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Start Business Online Now!

Start business online now, if you love to be online and connected to the Internet in daily basis. That’s a very short suggestion that I firmly did not believe myself a few months ago.

When I did not even have a blog, I was still connected to the Internet for some reasons, and mainly to surf in the Internet, and play around with my family’s website.

I was not even interested to help hubby who created his business website (it was not an online business but a furniture shop website), and I bet he did not know any Search Engine Optimization tricks at that time, he even chose an .info domain name! (see extension post).

I do not know how I did start business online by blogging, but it happened a few months after I set up this blog.  I have never offered a service to people until one day, they started to contact me for that. But I quit working for people at the moment, since I run many blogs and I am busy with them.

If I think about it, I do regret why I did not start business online sooner a few years back, because if I did, I would already earn extra income earlier LOL..

Start Business Online Tips

It is actually not a top secret or something, but to open or start business online, but the process after you start business online and setting it up can be really challenging and very interesting.

I have told my husband, that I could work online for 24 hours, because I do really enjoy it. He laughed about it..

And surely, everyone would be happy if they find something which they really enjoy to do, plus earning money.

Based on my experience, people contact me since I have traffics. (related: 1000 visitors a day) Most of my clients came from Search Engines, especially, Google which takes the big part and my biggest traffic source. (related: Google traffic for blog)

As far as time goes, and I learn the most important tips that will probably help you if you want to start business online, it is “Honesty”.

No matter what happens (see online business problems post), looking for a trustworthy person online nowadays is hard, and it can be nightmare for some people.

And because of this, eventhough your work is worse than other freelancers, but if you’re always honest, clients will love to work with you, and about your work, it can be improved by times too.

How to Start Business Online?

Eventhough I do not want to call this my online business, since it is actually not a business, but if you want to start business online, I am sure, you need to figure out, what kind of products or services do you want to offer? Once you know this thing, you can then decide about the price range.

If you are not sure how much you will charge, then do some researches out there, especially your competitors, check what is their price range? how do they promote their products? etc..

start business online

Now you know what you will sell, and another important step is to set up a website.  Not only because I am a fan of wordpress, but because it is very easy to install, I guess using wordpress as a website is a good step, because you don’t need to learn any programming languages to build it.

Once you set up website, apply some seo tips that are available everywhere (related: SEO tips 2011) and get traffics as much as you can get. Because without traffics, you will not earn anything.

If you use wordpress, I am using and recommending this seo plugin to try to optimize every posts for SEO, this plugin will help you a lot if you want to start business online with wordpress.

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