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From the day one, I set up a blog, and looked around for the first step of WordPress SEO, apart of bookmarking our blog posts, submitting our sitemap to Search Engines, like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc..

There is also a step where we should submit our blog to high PR website directories. One of the biggest and popular website directory is (DMOZ = Directory Mozilla). This website is a website directory which is also an “Open Directory Project” and is established by people who are volunteering to review our websites.

In my previous post, Submit Your Blog To High PR Blog Directories article, I also listed to be the website where you should submit your blog if you have a chance.

It does not ask you to pay or anything to submit and get listed, but they have a real human reviewer group that will review your blog manually and if it meets their standards, it will be listed.

Therefore it does take a long time, and we are not sure whether we will be listed or not, the best is submit, and forget it.

If you get listed, you are lucky, because I submitted mine 2 years ago, and it is not listed until today..

First Step To Submit your Blog to DMOZ

Surely the first step before you submit is checking your site and improve here and there to look more appealing. Honestly I don’t know how their standards are, but they are very respectable directory, so it’s worth trying.

What I mean by make your site appealing does not mean, you have to hire the most expensive web designer and redesign your theme, just be sure, that your site isn’t under construction or inaccessible.

And the most important is definitely the content of your site whether it is relevant or irrelevant to the category you are submitting.

Once your new blog or new website is listed in one of their categories, it will be indexed very fast by Search Engines. This is because this respectable website directory ( website lists are also respected by Search Engines.

Submit your Blog to DMOZ and Choosing Categories

Apart of the fact that you don’t need to spend any pennies to submit, the process to submit is also very very simple. Make sure that you choose the right categories or subcategories, and for blog owners, here is the quick link of the main category:

After choosing the relevant subcategory, you can then click the “Suggest URL” small button above the page. (See screenshot).

dmoz org

Suggest URL button

Make sure that you selected the correct category and subcategory. Choosing wrong category or subcategory can result in rejection, so be sure you also read the TOS and the explanation before submitting your blog.

To take the benefit of SEO once your blog is listed, you need to prepare or write what your site’s title, and description so that when you are on submission page, you can just copy and paste. Also, best is to put your keyword on the site’s title and description, but don’t overdo it.

Once you click “submit” button, you will see this page, and it is clearly says, it may take months for the editors to review your site, and reject or list it. In my personal opinion, the odd thing is, they don’t give any notifications whether they reject or accept our blogs URL.


After Clicking "Submit" button

Once the “submit” button is clicked, you should not re-submit again otherwise, it will take much longer or even instant rejection.

Frequent submission is also a no go, for example today you have submitted your blog, and you are not patient enough, and plan to submit again tomorrow, this is absolutely not a good move.

As I mentioned earlier, once you submit, be patient (read forget about it), and if you really can’t wait, instead of resubmitting, it’s better that you search your URL in the DMOZ’s search box, and see whether it gives you any result.

In case your blog isn’t listed for years, (like mine..) then you can try to submit your blog to DMOZ again with the same step above, and same patient.

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