Submit Your Blog To High PR Blog Directories

Why you should submit your wordpress blog and complete lists of high PR blog directories websites where you can submit your blog URL for free to increase traffics.

As a blog owner, of course you want your blog to be found in blogging community. To achieve this, you need to do one of many things, submit your blog URL to free submission blog directories.

Before you submit your blog, do not forget to read the terms and agreements, and follow it. Else your blog will be either deleted or not approved. To avoid this, you can check first if your blog qualified to those blog submission websites, one example, do you have enough content? because right after you submit your blog, usually the moderator will visit your blog and check your content. If your blog does not have enough content or a new blog, you may want to concentrate on creating more contents before submitting proccess.

Why we should submit our wordpress blog?
These blog directories have high page rank, and it is a very good way to build backlinks (quality backlinks) to your blog, does not matter what your blog’s niche is, photography or travels, whatever, but choose the right category. If your blog is listed, it is very useful for your blog to rank higher in search engines result page.

Here is latest updates of the list of high PR blog submission directories or websites:
I have checked the Page rank first before posting it, and i will submit my blog too to some of them right away :)

1. – PR9
2. – PR8
3. -PR8
4. Globe of Blogs- -PR7
5. -PR7
6. -PR7
7. -PR6
8. -PR6
9. -PR5
10. -PR4
11. LS Blogs- -PR3

Happy submitting ;)

//updates: I have submitted my blog to all the list above, and waiting to be approved. Some of them will need times to approve your blog, especially

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  1. says

    Thank you Dina for this great post!! I just began trying to learn about blog directories last week and the research was quite confusing and overwhelming. What great timing for this great post!!

    • says

      @Aileen, Hey :)
      Glad it was good with the timing, i also still haven’t submitted to all of them, will complete somewhere this week, good luck :)

  2. Kavin Arora says

    Yes this sites are really helpful. Can u please suggest few image submission sites.


    • says

      @Kavin Arora, thank you ;)

      So far, i don’t know where to submit your image, except to flickr, tinypic, but do some google research, let me know if you find some :)

  3. says

    Thanks for all the hard work Dina
    Great looking blog submission directories and with fantastic pageranks.
    Are there any drawbacks to submitting to these directories?

    • says

      @Keith Davis, Hey there

      Yes, there are many benefits to submit our site to higher page rank directories, those directories are dofollow, it means it will make our SERPs in search engines better.

      Because we have “trusted” backlinks from those directories, it is also increasing your traffics if people search for specific keywords in those directories and find our blog list.

      Thanks for commenting, hope this helps.

  4. says

    PageRank is an algorithim google invented that assesses the strength of a website. The algorithim evaluates a site on a scale of n/a to 10 with 0 being the lowest/weakest and 10 being the highest/strongest. We can check our site’s rank by using a checker pagerank tool.

  5. stefano says

    Wow Dina this is really helpful. Thanks so much for sharing with a new and pretty green blogger!

  6. says

    I was reading some comments about your article this has a lot of important blog directories, i would like to add our new addition.