Submitting WordPress Blog To Yahoo

How to submit your wordpress blog to Yahoo site explorer, so it can be indexed by other search engines beside Google, which is Yahoo.

Yahoo is a bit slower to index your blog, and also, to my experience, i do not have many traffics from Yahoo search engine, however to me, it is still extremely important to submit our site or blog to Yahoo site explorer.

Here are some steps to submit your site:

1. Get your site prepared, see this post to prepare your site before submitting.

2. In your dashboard, look for “Settings” and then “XML Sitemap” click this button to open XML sitemap configurations. Make sure that the “Notify YAHOO about updates of your blog” option is ticked. And also you need an application ID key to fill the box. If you don’t have one, click “Request one here!” button, and follow the instruction.

Notofy Yahoo option and Key ID.

3. Still in the same page, in the right sidebar, you see “Yahoo Site Explorer” link, or you can just click this quick link, and it will bring you to Yahoo site explorer page.

Link to Yahoo Site Explorer in dashboard.

4. Don’t forget to sign in and then start to submit your blog or site to Yahoo. Once you are logged in, you will see the page as in the following image. It’s similar page like in Google webmaster tool.

Picture Once you're logged in.

5. Type in your domain name in the box, but watch out, is your site with www. or without www?, fill in the right URL. Click “Add my Site” button.

6. We are almost done! it sure will say, that we need to verify our site. Next step is you can choose to verify your site by uploading a verification file to your site or by adding a meta tag to your home page. In this tutorial, i use the second option, adding a meta tag.

Copy the code.

Copying the code.

7. In wordpress dashboard page, “Appearance” then “Editor” and click header.php. Paste the code before </head> (see image)

Click “Update File”

Code in header.php

8. Once it is updated, go back to Site Explorer, and click “ready to authenticate” button.

9. It may take a while until it is approved, so don’t worry about it. In my experience it needed 24 hours for this blog to be approved.

10. Next under the link of your site name, click “Feeds” button. Add your feed address, if you don’t know what your feed address is, go to your blog, look for “Entries RSS” link or RSS icon, right click, select “Copy Link Location” and paste it in notepad. In this tutorial the RSS link is, ?feed=rss2. Yours can be the same or different. Click “Add Feed”

Submit your feed and sitemap.xml

11. After we submit our feed to Yahoo, we can also submit sitemap.xml. The steps are the same as no. 10.

Video Tutorial:

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