Subscription To Let People Receiving Blog Updates

How to add subscription blog in your wordpress sidebar to let people receive the updates of your blog.

At the first days i started this blog, i often saw blogs with “subscribe now” button or “enter your email address” textarea.

Those are RSS feeds, and the subscribtion box or buttons will allow your blog sends updates to those email addresses. Mine is using feedburner, as it is free.

People can be your feed readers via their browsers RSS icon (see image in firefox) but nowadays, delivering updates via email is more easy.

RSS Feed icon in Firefox browser.

The subscribtion email box in my site.

You can also earn money from your subscribers using email marketing, i can’t teach you this stuff, because i don’t earn money from my subscribers.

So if you want people to receive updates in their email addresses inbox, you can follow this wordpress rss feed tutorial. I made it with wordpress 2.9.2, but it will work fine with wordpress 3+.

Displaying how many subscribers you have? you can do it in feedburner, see more in this tutorial.

New feature of using feedburner is even amazing, tweet your blog post automatically to your twitter! See this tutorial how to use feedburner and twitter.

Start to gather subscribers! ;)

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