Superpad 10.2 tablet pc google android 2.1 review

Superpad 10.2 review – affordable tablet pc!

Do you plan to get an affordable price Android tablet? In this post, i am going to give details and Superpad 10.2 review as well as the many advantages you will have from buying this cool Superpad 10.2 .

Planning to buy a gadget online is one way to save money. Why though? because online shops do not spend money to pay advisors as well as renting a place for their shops, this is why they tend to be cheaper.
superpad 10.2

The Superpad 10.2 Tablet PC, touch screen Google Android 2.1 arrives with in-built web camera that allows you to do video chat flawlessly.

Wifi connectivity to enable you getting entertainment, emailing, and online tasks.

Various cable ports as well as 2 micro SD slots that can store up to 32 GB is included, and 16GB for each slot is offered, sold individually.

The Superpad 10.2 tablet pc google android 2.1 is packed with multi-touch functions to watch your fav movies, playing your addicted games, as well as surfing around on the internet.

Superpad 10.2 advantages:

As mentioned above, shopping device on the internet can save your time and money.

If you own superpad 10.2 you are continuesly connected with your friends, family, everyone you want, in all places you go or travel.

Entertainment is on the go with you by having this “mobile” tablet which is empowered with wifi to ensure you to be able to access and play games or watch your most favorite movies wherever you go.

The superpad 10.2 gives lots of possibility and flexibility, you can carry this device or place it in your pocket as it has transportable dimension, and not heavy at all.

Superpad 10.2 review tablet pc google android 2.1 specs, price and technical details:

1. It weighs 3 pounds.
2. It has dimension in inches (LWH): 10.5 x 0.5 x 6.5
3. 10.2-inch Touch screen display with Graphic LCD display: 1024 x 600 resolution
3. 2GB Flash Hard Drive,2 TF slots to expand the storage (supporting maximally 32GB MicroSD)
4. DDR DRAM RAM Type with 256 MB RAM, 1 processor (FlyTouch ARM11 1Ghz RAM) in PC Hardware platform.
5. Wifi connectivity
6. Android 2.1 Operating System.
7. Two USB 2.0, Mini HDMI, two MicroSD slots, DC JAck, Line Out/Headphone in 3.5mm, as well as RJ45 Ethernet for the ports.

Bad & Good  of Superpad 10.2 review list

Bad reviews:

1. Screen is not too clear, but it is readable.
2. NO Bluetooth.
3. Multi-touch which is actually not supported, though it is decribed to support it.
4. The GPS isn’t built-in, so you have to bring the receiver with this device.
5. It does not have the standard USB charger.

Good reviews:

1. Affordable price than iPad, which is $252.60.
2. It allows users to have extra or removable storage.
3. It has various internet options, which are wifi, 3G, ethernet as well as via modem).
4. Email checking works very great.
5. It comes in English language, though manufactured in China.
6. Work well with plug-in mouse and keyboard.

Find more customer reviews here.

First technique on evaluating Superpad 10.2 tablet pc google android 2.1, is to take a look at its price, requirements and customers reviews!

This is the most important way to do if saving money is very principal requirements on choosing device like this Superpad 10.2.

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