Superpad 3 Review |New 10.2″ Superpad3 X220 Flytouch 3

Superpad 3 Review – New 10.2″ Superpad3 X220 Flytouch 3

Firstly, I purchased this new 10.2″ Superpad 3 Flytouch 3 because I did not have the money to get an iPad.

I was really worried that I would not be able to use this tablet because it was cheap (sold at $108.99).

But when I was home, and opened it, it was well protected and package, and work immediately after I charged it.

Android operating system can take some times to get on, especially if you are new comer to Android devices, you will need a while to find out how to do things with your tablet.

Generally, this new 10.2″ Superpad 3 X220 Flytouch 3 works great, you can read ebooks, PDF files format, watching videos in YouTube, or even watch videos in your tablet (I have tried .avi files).

superpad 3
The New 10.2" Superpad3 X220 epad

I have tested playing basic games, browsing web pages using Opera mini browser, sync my Google documents with the apps, all runs fine.

Email was straightforward to setup and by using Android Kindle app, I have downloaded many ebooks from Amazon.

This new 10.2″ Superpad 3 X220 comes with a keyboard and cover, which I think these are really worth the purchase as now I can use my tablet with an external keyboard like my notebook.

The set up was easy, you will need to plug your tablet into its holder, plug your keyboard with the USB port on the cover.

superpad 3
Superpad 3 with its keyboard

Furthermore, you can turn your Superpad 3 X220 Flytouch 3 tablet around, horizontally, and vertically to switch your views from landscape to portrait.

The minor annoyance was the setting of the language, I had it on Chinese for some time, so be sure you set it to your own language!

I have not tried the GPS much, but it works, although I was somewhere in China, but I would not use my tablet as a navigator so this is not a big issue for me.

You will need to use the antenna to turn the GPS system on. (the antenna is quite big though).

The wireless took a few minutes to set up, and surprisingly, it performs great, as I have my router upstair, and I use it often in my living room, a good distance.

I have not timed the battery life, but I need to charge mine for five until six hours, I usually use my tablet while it is charged.

One thing to remember, you should close all your apps windows when you shut it down to save its battery.

It has lots of preinstalled apps, you can select and keep them or even adding more apps from Android market by a little tap on the “shopping bag” icon.

This New 10.2″ Superpad3 X220 Flytouch 3 can read datas from my USB, it features 2 USB ports.

Using USB ports are fast way to transfer digital documents, and this tablet also read my words doc, outlook, and even power point slides.

It reads a SD Micro Card, and I am happy that I still have Scandisk card as it’s really different than any other micro SD cards.

Superpad 3 Review – Superpad3 X220 Flytouch 3 Specs


  1. 10.2″ resistive TFT display (Touch screen; 1024×600 resolution)
  2. Operating System: Android 2.2 (Froyo)
  3. 512MB DDR2 Memory
  4. 4GB Hard Drive
  5. Wireless option: 802.11b/g LAN
  6. Another Features:2x USB 2.0; HDMI; RJ45; GPS; External keyboard; Stylus Pen; support 3G; Support Micro SD card
  7. Dimension: 10.63 x 6.69 x 0.98 inches

superpad 3
Superpad 3 ports

Superpad 3 Review Summary

This New 10.2″ Superpad3 X220 Flytouch 3 is a great tablet computer that can do what I want it to do, and for the price is excellent device.

If you are considering to get a tablet computer that will not destroy your budget, look no further.

One big plus, when my kid wants to use my tablet, I will not be too worried if she will make a damage as this new 10.2″ Superpad 3 X220 Flytouch 3 is quite sturdy and it is affordable.

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  1. Brian says

    hey – I’ve been reading about ur super pad3. I have an external hard drive and want to know if I can connect it to the super pad and play the things (movies) that I have recorded on the external hard drive and play them thru the super pad. Thanks for any help u can provide!

  2. PatD says

    Is it possible to connect to cable modem and use like laptop? Is this a possibility when WiFi does not exist? Also, reviewer makes no mention of camera. Specs I’ve read say it has webcam for Skyping and I thought I read camera on it. Does it have video recording capabilities? Thanks for your help.

  3. David Bourgeois says

    hello i have been using a tf sd card with movies but cannot seem to get it to be full screen,do you have help for me plese