Switch from PC to Mac For Beginners

PC to Mac – This post is not going to discuss about which system is better, PC and Macs are both good!

But I for one, personally would love to experience new things, and have been a happy PC user for years.

pc to mac
PC to Mac

Keyboard Keys from PC to Mac

The first thing you will get used to when you are switching from PC to Mac computers, is the keyboard, in the first days, you will have to learn many new keys, and off course keyword shortcuts.

The most used keys, like ctrl, alt, and command keys are totally different, and I do really need a while to get used to them.

On Mac, the most important key is the command (cmd) or it was called, “Apple” key, because it had Apple symbol in this key.

switch from pc to mac
Red Highlighted Key- Command Key

Now in the new mac computer lines, this key is called, “cmd” key.

This cmd key acts like “CTRL” key on Windows, which is mostly used for daily computing shortcuts.

For examples, on Windows, you use CTRL+C to copy, in mac, you use cmd+c to copy.

Same goals but different keys, pretty interesting and very confusing if you are using both system, like myself. (using Windows based computer and Mac computer at the same time).

Another example, would be CTRL+x is actually to cut on Windows computer, on Mac, it would be cmd+x.

One of my personal favorite and most important shortcut is definitely the cmd + q which means, to quit an application which was running on your screen.

Here are some useful keyboard shortcuts if you are new to mac: (of course you can also use your mouse right click too!)

cmd + s = to save
cmd + c = to copy
cmd + c = to cut
cmd + v = to paste

Those keyboard shortcuts are not all but they are mostly used when you wish to use shortcuts.


I guess I have ever mentioned somewhere in this blog, that I am currently using three computers that have 3 different OS, which is Lion OS, Vista and Windows 7.

I am still used to Windows system, and I do use it often, however, if you don’t have a lot of space, you would choose a mac (iMac 2011 model).

Because it does not require you to have a lot of cords, one cord and all is set.

If only I would have to choose a Mac or a PC, it depends what’s the reason why I have to choose.

Because I have been a PC user all of my life, and experienced Mac system only only sometimes, not regularly. (Until a few months ago).

A few programs or softwares don’t work with Mac system, therefore, I still need my PC.

Yes, I can run Virtual Box or Parallel Desktop, but I choose to avoid it, if I can or I don’t have to use this software.

If I don’t have to choose one of them, I would keep both, at least for now.

Good bye “this program has stopped working…”

I am a fan of Windows Vista, yeah, call me so modest, but I love Vista. My husband uses Windows XP, which I find “oldie” so I never go back to XP, and I use “Windows 7” in my laptop (might switch to MacBook Pro or MacBook Air in the future), “Windows Vista” in my desktop, I do love Vista over the three OS.

I am rarely using my laptop (Win 7), so I don’t get so much “this program has stopped working…” message too often.

But in my desktop which runs Win Vista, I have got this message thousand times, and when I read it, God, it was very frustating.

I have tried to google it, and there are ton of people who have the same problem, so the problem is not my desktop alone..

I still love to use my desktop though..but this kind of issue is not on a Mac, I have 0 similar issue with all programs that I have ever run, all run ok and fast.

Things to be aware of, if you want to switch from PC to Mac

There are things that I have noticed to be big difference while switching from pc to mac:

1. Mouse scrolling.

If you have used any Apple’s products, such as iPad, iPhone, or others, you will have no big difficulties at this point. The scrolling process is totally different than using a mouse with a Windows system.

With PC, if you scroll up with your mouse, the page will go up too, but on a mac, if you scroll up with your magic mouse, the page will scroll down.

2. Installing/uninstall Application

When I was totally new to mac a few years ago, one thing that amazed me was to install or uninstall a program, because it’s incredibly fast and easy, you will just need to drag and drop your new program icon to your application folder.

To uninstall, it’s not different, can be done very easily by dragging and dropping your unwanted program to trash.

3. Preinstalled Programs, like iPhoto, iMovie, Garageband

Although I am not really fan of iPhoto, or maybe, not yet, there are few cool preloaded programs that come with your Mac desktop or laptop.

Mine came with iPhoto, iMovie and Garageband. You can use them as multimedia programs, and they came with the Operating System package, so you won’t need to purchase them separately.

You will also be able to update them via App Store if there are some updates from Apple.

4. Windows Explorer/Finder

Windows Explorer is the very important feature of a PC. In Mac, you will use Finder for it.

In Finder, you will find all of your files, documents, movies, photos, or folders.

Like in Windows Explorer, you can also navigate from “home” or the main disk, which is, Macintosh HD (or Computer in a PC).

5. TextEdit/Notepad

Since I am a fan of a notepad, I really missed my notepad when I first used a Mac.

Thankfully, you will find the similar program like Notepad, which is called TextEdit.

However, the default file extension on TextEdit is a .rtf file, and not .txt like on a notepad.

6. Time Machine

Have you ever deleted something accidentally into your PC’s dustbin and suddenly you felt like you needed it again?

Using Time machine will solve your problem on this matter. By opening your Time Machine, you can look the deleted file in a “time machine” timing.

You can look in your backup system yesterday, or two days ago, even a week and a year ago, which is really cool!

7. Spotlight

I am often disappointed whenever I use “Search” feature on a PC, because it’s often showing non-relevant search result, plus it can be real slow while searching the file we would like to find.

With Spotlight, you can search anything, including any words that are typed in a file. You can also use the spotlight as a calculator, which is one of my favorite features!

8. New File/New Folder

While using a mac, I personally missed, the ability to create a “new file” in a folder.

switching from pc to mac
No "New File"?

You can create a new folder, but you can’t create a new file like on my PC, which is not too cool, in my opinion.

I hope it will be added one day with the coming operating system.

I am sure there are a lot more things to be aware of, but with the time running, you will find exciting things yourself to experience and to learn.

I can’t wait to create some videos about switching from PC to Mac!