Synchronize Gmail With Outlook

Two useful videos that may help to synchronize your Google email (gmail) contacts, calendar to microsoft outlook or datas from exchange into Google apps.

I have looked around to sync between my gmail email account with microsoft outlook 2007. (i know there is a recent version of Outlook :()

I am a newbie of using gmails, and i start to love this free email service. The benefit of using Google mail is it’s less of spams, offering huge storage, and it allows you to synchronize your email, contacts and calender using microsoft outlook.

Let’s say you are away from home or workplace, this application is very useful because you still can reach the datas that you need with Google. Very handy.

Useful resources:
1. Google Calendar Sync Support.
2. Synching guides to manage ms outlook, gmail, google calendar, and more.

Using gmail in Microsoft Outlook 2007

Google Apps (email contacts, calendar, etc) Sync for Microsoft Outlook demo

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