Text Formatting Line Break Facebook

How to leave a line in a wall post or to type a text formatting line break in facebook.

Facebook is one of the most visited website on the internet.

I am sure most of you use facebook, but there was a bug that i didn’t know how to fix, which is typing break the line like paragraph, so typing the words, and i want to have the other words under this line.

In html code would be <br/>

The story begins because i wanted to leave a birthday message for one of my family in her facebook’s wall, and i saw someone on her wall wrote a poem or poetry for her with line breaks.

I was wondering how that works and try myself, and find solution in google search.

Here is how you create text formatting line break in facebook profile or wall page:

When you type something and then whenever you want to have this line break, hold your Shift Key (windows) and hit “Enter”.

See this keyboard image.

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