Thesis 1.81 is out – Should I upgrade my Thesis theme?

Thesis 1.8.1 version is available to download

I have never thought that I would write this Thesis 1.8.1 post, because I had less care to update my theme.

Until today, I have found some weird thing happened with my blog.

This weird stuff is happening when I published my post and the post is published, but I can not see in my home or index page. (related: wordpress change home).

And when I checked, that new post was indexed by Google as usual, and appears in my sitemap.xml, but I cannot see on my main page, including the recent post widget.

Also whenever I click in the category page, my newest article is appearing in that archive page.

I was thinking about W3 Total Cache plugin, but I have tried with the default theme, Twenty Ten, the posts are listed.

So I then thought about my theme, which is Thesis. (related: Best SEO theme).

I actually have heard about the newer Thesis 1.8.1 was released a few weeks ago, but I did not really care, because I thought I can update next month or when the Thesis 2.0 is out.

So I went to Diythemes, actually I am very seldom going there, unless I need some infos from the support forum.

Then, I have downloaded the original updated files to my computer.

Download Thesis 1.8.1 or wait for the 2.0 version?

I would personally just wait until the version 2 is released, but because I have some issues as I wrote above, I did not have the choices, I have updated my theme to the 1.8.1 to see whether the theme was the problem.

First time doing upgrade, it was making me nervous, as I have heard some people have a few problems after changing theme.

After upgrading my theme, if you have similar issue like I have, the published post is not displayed in the main page, and you use W3 Total C

Thesis 1.8.1 Upgrading problems

I really really suggest you to backup your wordpress database, and the wp-content folder which includes older Thesis 1.8.

Yes, only back up, and NOT deleting them. I suggest this because when something happens on your site, there will always be something to restore. (related: Backup and restore wordpress)

So I would still keep the old Thesis theme in the server, in case you would want to re-use it again.

I have been around in the Thesis forum before I have upgraded mine, many many people have some problems. So better be careful than being sorry.

Some cases which I have read, you can possibly get blank screen if you don’t do it correctly and carefully.

I have tested it in my local server, and I got black screen and blank admin page, because I did it incorrect.

If this happens to you (I do not hope so, but who knows!), then delete the new Thesis 1.8.1 folder and your blog will be back again with the default theme, and then you can try it again.

How to upgrade your old version of Thesis theme? you can visit this Thesis 1.8.1 upgrade tutorial, and follow the steps VERY carefully.

thesis 1.8.1

Thesis 1.8.1 Upgrade Tutorial Page.

I hope the upgrading process to Thesis 1.8.1 theme will run smoothly at your end :)

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