Thesis category nav menu video tutorial

Thesis category nav menu — how to put your categories as pages on navigation menu

One of my visitors asked me via email how to use categories on the nav menu in Thesis theme.

If you are using Twenty Ten default theme, i have created a video, how to add categories to WordPress navigation bar tutorial.

In that tutorial we use custom menu that built-in wordpress latest version, 3.0.4. That method will be done too with Thesis, if you have “WordPress Nav” set.

By default, Thesis gives “Thesis nav” ticked. I will show you later on this Thesis category nav menu post.

Now how about if you don’t use Thesis (I recommend though!) nor Twenty Ten? A while back, i have also created a post, called, multiple blog posts using another theme.

In that tutorial, i have showed you how to edit directly the code in your template file, which is a bit more complicated than adding categories to nav bar of Twenty Ten, and this thesis category nav menu tutorial.

You may want to check great ebook to understand WordPress coding.

Thesis category nav menu — The result of this tutorial

Here is the screenshot of the tutorial about putting Thesis category nav menu.

thesis category nav menu

Thesis category nav menu end result.

Notice, that the category pages will follow your pages menu on the nav.

And if you see here, in my blog, i have my category menu separated below my pages menu bar.

There is something different there…yes, it’s the code that is different.

If you want to have them separated, you will need to add categories id on your custom_functions.php, which i will show you next time, as it is a bit complicated than this Thesis category nav menu post.

This thesis category nav menu tutorial is very simple but if you are new to Thesis, you might miss that Thesis is (I use and recommend because it is the best seo wordpress theme) really flexible on allowing you to modify your menu bar with simple mouse clicks, only to know which option you need to change.

My previous post, about Thesis rename Home label, was also made easily in your Thesis options.

Thesis category nav menu video tutorial and steps

Thesis category nav menu Video Tutorial:


1. In the dashboard, go to “Thesis” → “Site Options”.
2. Go to “Navigation Menu” box.

thesis category nav menu


3. Make sure you have “Thesis nav menu” ticked on “Navigation Menu” option. If here, you have “WordPress nav menu” selected, then don’t follow this tutorial, but this tutorial how to add categories on wordpress nav bar post, follow the exact steps, because both using wordpress 3 custom menu, eventhough the theme is different but the steps and the result are exactly the same.
4. Let’s continue..Scroll down, you will see “Categories”, expand the minus sign.
5. You will see your categories list, you can select them all (use your Shift key- windows users) or select any categories you like.
If you select all, it is not really handy for some of you who have long title of categories URL..But you have to experiment yourself on this, and see which is the best for your layout.
6. Don’t forget to click “Big a$$ save button”.

That’s how we made our simple Thesis category nav menu.

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