Thesis favicon – upload favicon with thesis theme

Thesis favicon — Simple uploader

Thesis favicon simple tutorial will help you uploading a favicon, an ico file to your wordpress blog if you are using Thesis 1.8 theme.

I have bought Thesis theme after two or three months when the version 1.8 was released. So earlier than that, the older version of this best SEO wordpress theme, I am not familiar with it.

Though, I have done some Google researches, and it seems that the older generation of this theme did not have the simple favicon uploader option to change or add favicon to wordpress blog.

When I first wanted to buy it, I have read so many reviews with the new features of Thesis in other blogs, and I read it has an option button for us to use to upload a favicon.

If you do not know what a favicon is, it is a small icon on the browser, in the left side, next to our blog URL, that tiny icon is called a favicon.

Thesis favicon — What if I use other themes?

Not every bloggers use Thesis theme, because it is a premium template, but I recommend you to try it for 30 days, because it is a very clean theme and SEO optimized.

Now, if you are using another themes like the default wordpress theme, Twenty Ten, or even other themes, I have posted both video tutorial how to add or change favicon, and add Twenty Ten favicon simple post.

You can follow the steps in those two posts, and if you are using Thesis theme, then this simple tutorial if for you..

Thesis favicon – Simple tutorial

This is very very easy steps, so it does not require you to do backup, the only problem that you may encounter after applying this tutorial is, you probably would not see the favicon (small icon in the browser) right away.

This is due to the cache plugin you may use, or your browser’s cache. If the browser’s cache is the case, you may want to clean up your cache after following the tutorial, or just easily wait, it will appear, because this step won’t do any harm at all.

Thesis favicon step by step:

1. In your dashboard, Find the “Thesis” option, it is above the “Appearance” tab.

thesis favicon

2. If you click the pull down menu, you will see the site options, design options, so forth, and in the fourth row, you will find “Favicon Uploader” button. Click on this button.

3. Once you click it, you will find this option, see screenshot:

thesis favicon

It will also has “Choose a .ico or .png image file with a square aspect ratio from your computer:” message.

This simply means, you have to prepare your favicon image, it can be in an .ico format, or .png image format. Usually if you want it to be in the best quality, it should have 60×60 pixel (px) dimension in Length and Width.

If you have not created any favicon yet, you can see this favicon video tutorial how I created a favicon file using GIMP, an open source image editing software.

4. Once you have the file, click “browse” look for where the image is saved, and click the green button which is labelled, “Upload”.

Once you uploaded, you will see then your icon in the browser, you can also remove it in the same page, and just click “remove this favicon”.

You can then upload the new Thesis favicon if you like to.

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