Thesis HOME — rename thesis theme home Menu

Thesis HOME, most thesis theme users leave the home menu as “home”.

I have noticed almost 90% of Thesis users use “Home” in their blog.

But recently, i have checked my Google Analytic, there are people who search how to change or rename “Thesis Home” menu tab.

Because of this reason, i created a video tutorial how simple to change this Thesis home label to something else in Thesis theme, as the best SEO wordpress theme.

So obviously, you need to have Thesis theme first before you follow this tutorial about changing thesis home tab.

Thesis Home menu, there are two options, watch out!

If you are user of Twenty Ten theme, and followed my other tutorial, which is wordpress change home page post, i am sure, you will never know that it is very simple now using wordpress custom menu to modify your wordpress page order.

In older wordpress themes, you need to modify your theme file by changing the page order.

In Thesis theme, we will have two options of menu navigation, which are, Thesis nav, and wordpress nav.

This we have to pay attention, before we change thesis home.

Rename Thesis home Menu video tutorial and guide:

Video to change Thesis home:


1. In dashboard — Thesis — Site Options — Navigation Menu — “Select Menu Type”; Expand the minus sign to see the options.

thesis home

Make sure that here, “Thesis Nav Menu” is ticked.

If you use “WordPress nav menu” then you can check this tutorial, wordpress change home page.

2. Scroll down, you should see “Home Link” button. Expand the minus button, and you should have this option:

thesis home

Show Home Link in nav menu (Ticked). If you untick this, your site won’t have home link to your main page, unless you change reading setting to change static page and blog page, see more on, change home to a page post.

In a box, by default, you would see “home”, you can type anything you want there, can be keywords. In this demo, i use text.

You can tick tick “Add nofollow to home link” if you want, or leave it by default. I put nofollow on this blog.

3. Last but most important, click “Big a$$ save” button :-)

That was a simple Thesistutorial, how easy and simple to change Thesis home tab.

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