ThinkPad X120e Matte Screen Lenovo 11.6″ LED Notebook Review

In short, ThinkPad X120e has high quality of appearance, feel, and exceptionally light. (got it at $358, can’t complain)

Unfortunately, there is a minor disappointment in the keyboard, although it works well, but it has a little odd keyboard layout.

If you frequently work with spreadsheets, the numpad which is slightly squeezed in on the keyboard’s right is very handy.

Lenovo seems to put fairly small buttons (the Insert, delete, home and end keys) on the top part of keyboard to make more space.

And if you work a lot with the “delete” button, you will need to get used to it, because you will always have to pause your work to look for this key!

Also, the “Fn” key is placed in the very right bottom left of the notebook’s keyboard, and the “Ctrl” key is placed to the very right. Whenever I need “Ctrl” key, I press “Fn” key, and the little “burried” “delete” key is a pain too.

thinkpad x120e
TrackPoint, Fn and Ctrl Keys

If you use many kind of keyboards before, you would easily notice this odd keys orientation, and definitely need a while until you get used to it or change the settings in the BIOS if you prefer.

ThinkPad X120e Keyboard, Specs and features

Other than delete, Fn and Ctrl keys, the keyboard feel is excellent, I must admit, this ThinkPad X120e has best keyboard keys, no other 11-inch machine can come close.

It’s a full size keyboard despite only 11 inch screen, keys are very convenient to type on, incredible nice feel.

I really like the touchpad, it’s very customizable, responsive, and you can have multi touch ability to navigate on your touch pad like on a tablet.

If you are a Lenovo thinkpad fan, you will also like the Trackpoint which is included in this notebook model too.

With the AMD Fusion E-350 dual-core 1.6GHz processor (latest AMD’s fusion processor chip), it’s actually a very fast Lenovo laptop. It loads and closes Ms Office programs with very big data files instantly.

Viewing photos is a joy, because you don’t have to wait, it loads the images instantly, and you will also be able to use the Windows 7 “extra large thumbnail” Windows explorer feature without having to display them separately.

While using AMD’s graphics card, Radeon HD 6310 this thinkpad model plays 1080p videos smoothly, and it starts very fast, without any delays.

If you want to know if this 11.6″ machine has the power to game, many people, including myself have been playing games on it, Starcraft 2 and Modern Warfare 2 are my favs, and have run in 20fps range.

What is impressive on this notebook is the MATTE screen, it’s a 11.6 inch WXGA display at 1366×768 resolution, non reflective, and it’s very comfortable to view outdoor ( with sunlight or in many conditions) with no glares!

thinkpad x120e

It’s spectacular, since thesedays most laptops come with glossy reflective screen, and having a matte screen laptop is usually an option you have to pay more on an expensive laptop.

My Lenovo x120e comes with 4 gigs of RAM, and a 320 7200RPM hard drive, I never hear noise of the hard drive while it’s operating, completely lack of those awful noises, means, you will also assume, it has no running fan at all, excellent quiet machine.

ThinkPad X120e 05962RU 11.6″ LED Notebook E-350 1.6GHz – Matte Black

The features I really like with this ultraportable machine are definitely the keyboard full size key’s feel, the existence of the bluetooth, HDMI, Trackpoint, Windows 7 Professional (Yes, Win 7 Professional, not Home Premium), almost no bloatware, and most impressive for me is the matte screen.

Until now I’m very pleased with the Lenovo ThinkPad X120e and if you are fine with “Fn” and “Ctrl” switches oddities, I would definitely give this powerful little machine a recommendation.

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