“This file is too big. The maximal upload size…” solution

Ughhhhhh..I was stuck whenever i wanted to upload video to my wordpress site and “This file is too big. The maximal upload size…” message comes up. Use ftp software such as filezilla, it’s very easy to use.
The solution is upload those “too big files” with ftp. It will work, Good luck guys!

You usually will get “This file is too big. The maximu…” . If you don’t know how to fill in ftp hostname and password, the beginning of this video might help.

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  1. Cah Ndeso says

    hahahhahaa…. nice trick.

    And we can also upload files with cPanel. But still, must patiently wait for the upload.

    • says

      Yeah that’s true, but in cpanel i also had file size limit problems :( it happened when i upload videos. Greetings from Germany, glad to meet someone from my hometown :) btw, did you need long to view my site O_O?

  2. cah ndeso says

    Ouuww … are you come from Indonesia?

    In your blog, I do not have problem to access it. Unless access to load the video. Sometimes smooth, sometimes difficult. But overall, your blog’s very interactive.

    • says

      Haha yeah, anak jepara:) Good to hear all runs well, i remember when I was in Jogja, it needed ages to load a site >.<

  3. cah ndeso says

    @Dina, oalaahh… anak jepara to. Berarti dekat dong dengan saya :D

    Saya kota Kudus-e. Jadi arah timur Jepara. Hahahhahaa….

    • says

      I know Kudus :) quite familiar with this city, 2 hours at that time driving there, i hope it’s less than 2 hours now. I already guessed you’re not living far away from Jepara, because your blogmuria domain name :) Salam dari Jerman :) Foto anakke po? O_o