Transformer Docking Station Review

Transformer docking station Review – Overview

Pre-ordered one a few weeks ago, and I was blown away with the incredibly great build quality of this Transformer docking station(ASUS Eee Pad Transformer TF101 Keyboard/Docking Station).

This thing feels really sturdy and solid – and “real” which it should be for the price. (sold at $149.99 here)

Yes, it is expensive, but I realized that I spend really much time typing documents and want to interact more with my Transformer, so this Transformer docking station was a worthwile investment for a long term, I am absolutely satisfied.

Appearance wise, this Transformer docking station is stylish and minimalistic, especially with the color that just fits with the Transformer tf01 itself, perfect appearance.

Furthermore, the Transformer docking station is extremely easy to use, you can just dock your Transformer via its pin docking, and then instead of typing stuff on your touchscreen, you can type easily with the QWERTY keyboard, like when you have a netbook, and you can only use the dock only when you need it.

transformer docking station

The Transformer TF101 Keyboard/Docking Station.

Actually after I hit order button, I was thinking again, do I really need this dock? because typing on Transformer’s screen is very easy, and now I really love it, especially for working with Ms word, for instance.

Although I am really impressed with the quality and functionality, this Transformer docking station is a bit heavy to me, but it is not a biggie because I already knew that the dock was not built for portability, but to help me holding the tablet at an angle so that I can use it as a monitor.

As for the keyboard itself, the size is roughly about 7-8% smaller than a standard keyboard, but it is very responsive and tactile, does not have a numeric keys but the nice thing is, it includes more Honeycomb keys. Worth mentioning, the “Shift” key is tiny and placed exactly on the right, next to the “PgUp”, so at the beginning, I nearly always press that PgUp key instead the “Shift” key, and then find the cursor in my screen. It needed a while getting used to to press the right key.

And the battery life, it is long lasting and an additional extra battery (included with the dock) are just great features and worth the money, it doubles the Transformer’s battery life for almost 15-16 hours.

Transformer docking station also includes 2 USB ports which are nice touch, I can plug in other devices like a mise, USB sticks or external hard drive. I have tried to get my 1TB external hard drive and an icon was instantly popping up on the bottom of tablet’s screen which means it detected my 1TB HD right away.

Transformer docking station Review – Specs


  1. Extra port and 6-7 hours battery life
  2. Netbook size of a chicklet keyboard
  3. Multitouch touchpad
  4. 2x USB 2.0 ports
  5. 1x SD Card reader
  6. A 40-pin docking port to attach the Asus Eee Pad TF101 Transformer

transformer docking station

Transformer docking station Review – in Summary

Overall, this docking station works as described, and it is perfect solution for people who need to type faster on their Transformer tablets.

Exceptional build quality, trackpad and keyboard that allow you to type fast and included Honeycomb functions, bluetooth and wireles work great, 2x USB ports and a full SD Card slot, this Transformer docking station is a well worth your money.

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